How To Become A Good Employer And Lead People


How to become a good leader and make people follow you

An ability to get along with people is a quality that should have each leader. It is much more important than any other skill. Most employers sooner or later realize that manager, who knows how to get along with people is a kind of person, whom they what to give promotion.

You can buy time of an employee, you can buy his physical presence during certain time in the office, you can even buy the number of professional muscle movements per hour. However, you can never buy an enthusiasm, initiative, loyalty of heart and mind. All this you will have to deserve by being a good employer.

Understanding, respect and recognition of personal qualities make people move forward in the right direction. For this purpose you need to know some secrets of the art of management. Our professional resume creator website is going to share with you these secrets in this post on how to lead people. So, here is a list of tips how to become a good employer for you.

1. Remember the names of your employee and not only.

2. Do not remind your subordinates all the time that you know it all better than they.

3. Formulate your suggestions in a modest everyday manner. Such an attitude will suit much more your employee, otherwise he may start hating you.

4. Do not take too much care of your workers, trying to get involved into each detail of their work. In such a way you can kill their initiative. It is enough to be aware of the general picture of the work to have possibility to evaluate the difficulties, which employees face, to help them and to encourage them. Let your workers fell that they also make contribution into the implementation of a bid task, do not bother them with tips too much often.

5. Learn to adequately respond to complaints of your workers, learn to listen to them. The point is that people never can be absolutely satisfied. Listening to complaints is a part of the price that you need to pay for leadership.

6. Be a leader who can do anything, who is able to implement an idea suggested by the subordinates, any solution or advice. Encourage their initiative.

7. If there are problems in the work or in work conditions, do not try to escape the problems. On the contrary, say subordinates that you remember about the problem and try to solve it

8. You should always be honest and keep your promises.

9. You should ask for subordinates’ advice, also consult them when making different decisions. Thus they will feel that they are a part of your team and they also influence its work. Work together, it gives a feeling of the joint team work. As the saying goes: “Two heads are better than one”, but in this case ten heads are obviously much better than one.

10. Make it clear for your worker the real “lie of the land”. People want to know what happens around them, and eventually they will learn something about it. So would not it be better to get known the facts from you, instead of listening to distorted version of the things? A good employer should keep his employees up to date, make them fully informed about the company matters. Workers will definitely appreciate their boss’ openness, who tells them about everything and does not try to hide some important information.

11. If you are a head of the company, it does not give you the right to put pressure on subordinates with your authority and use them according to your wish (for example, ask them to make a copy, to bring a cup of tea and so on), it does not give you the privilege of violating the general rules of the organization. You should be a role model of how to follow all the rules, demonstrating an appropriate behaviour, desktop order, workplace organization and so on. If you are a subordinate and you feel that your employer does not respect your rights, it may become a reason for changing your workplace. Looking for a new job you will definitely need competently written resume. And if you need help in resume building, you can use our certified professional resume writer service. Our experts will help you to create such resume that will demonstrate your professionalism and personality in the best light.

12. Always support your employees when they make any step, otherwise it will not be reasonable to expect good results from them. Lead and direct your workers, but do not push them. Give them help and inspiration. An employer should think about himself as about a person, who has to help other people to work better.

13. Use such phrases as: “This is vitally important”. This is the most effective way to make people accept your decisions. Using such phrases, you will discover that people more attentively listen to your words, accept what you say more calmly and with less aggression. Impose your point of view, but make it mildly.

14. If someone has made his work well, tell his about this and make it out loud, so that everyone else hears your words. Praise without a second thought. You can be sure that a person will not try to benefit from your praise. In fact, he will strive to make his work better the next time. But if you want to make a comment about mistake, which a worker has made, you should not criticize your subordinate publicly. You need to do it personally and in private. Otherwise, you will humiliate him, and his colleagues will stop respecting him. He will become useless for you, as well as for any other manager. He will hate you forever, and he has a strong reason to hate you.

15. Very often subordinates understand your tasks incorrectly. Make them repeat the requirements in their own words, and then check it one more time. In this case only there is a hope that they will do everything in the right way.

16. “Our boss is a pleasant and friendly person. He never puts on airs. The door of his office is always open for the employees. Any worker can come to him any time to discuss the problems, to chill out and even to talk about his irritating mother-in-law or calluses on the thumb”. That is why he is a good employer, and that is why his department hits record in productivity.

17. Do not threaten when you can not reach the result. Threats will do no use you or anyone else.

18. Even the President's pencil has an eraser on the back side. We all make mistakes. That is why there are erasers on the pencils. So do not be afraid to admit your mistakes. Oddly enough, but people are imbued with respect for the person, who admits mistakes fast. This is a feature of a great boss.

19. If you assign a person the head of a group of people, then you should work with him, but not bypass him. Do not undermine his credibility, giving direct instructions to his subordinates, otherwise, you will undermine the discipline and moral spirit very quickly.

20. Rest is not for him, no. He is too busy. What happens at work, when he is absent? Such thoughts (wrong thoughts, by the way) our employer has. Any department should run like clockwork, even when boss is absent. An employer needs to learn to delegate his duties to the subordinates. In this case he will have enough time to go on vacation, for example. Meanwhile his workers will get good training and get more experience.

21. Know how to control yourself. A couple of inadvertently spoken unpleasant words can ruin forever the relationships built for during many years.

22. Promote one person and twenty others will be deeply disappointed. They will start asking: “When will my turn come?”, “Why did not I get the position?”, “What makes him better than me?” Well, this is a human nature. And it happens much more often that you think. It creates resentment and anger. So you need to be sure that all the applications are considered by rights, and the most suitable candidate is chosen.

23. Following your commander in a hail of bullets and shrapnel is a serious matter, and soldiers rarely shirk their duty in a combat. And they do it not because they get good payment, not, this is just an army discipline. In the army the commander looks after the fact that the shoes of his soldiers do not rub their feet, that they write letters home regularly and so on. If they have troubles, commander believes his duty to help them. The commander will start his meal only when makes sure that his men are properly fed. The commander must be the first among his people on the firing line. In such a way respect and loyalty are gained. There is a very close and real understanding between officers and soldiers. Maybe it should be the same in civilian life.

24. Do not betray the company and people, whom you work with.

Our resume writing service hopes that this how to make people follow you post will be useful for you. Follow the tips given above and you will become the best employer for your employees.