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When do we start learning to look for a job? As a rule, when we seriously think about leaving the place of work. Well, it is perfect if you can get a job right after the first interview. Nevertheless, this rarely happens, and during the search, you have to step on many rakes. The services of professional resume creator share the secrets about stereotypes that prevent job seekers from finding a good job.

Stereotype 1. You need to look for work only "in hot season"

Many candidates believe that in the summer and during the winter holidays the market is worthwhile. It is a mistake to think this way. Business works without a vacation and the need for new employees is always there. Because of this stereotype recruiters unsuccessfully try to close vacancies, because very little resumes come from the candidates. So, if a recruiter gets the outstanding resume during this period, the chances to get a new job increase in many times for a candidate. CV writing service from the UK has a great experience in offering the help with making a resume for money. Contact us and get the invitation to the interview from your dream company.

The most motivated job seekers have a chance. First, the competition is lower, and the company's request for an employee is the same. It is an excellent opportunity to stand out with fewer candidates. Secondly, the burden on the HR manager in these periods is lower, that is why he/ she will be able to learn more about your resume and arrange an interview at a time convenient for you. To be sure your papers are done in a proper way, sign in to resume writing services.

Stereotype 2. HR is an obstacle to work

I often faced the fact that the candidates tried to outwit the recruiter. For example, they attributed themselves to someone else's achievements; they lied about the reasons for leaving or showed their dismissive attitude by their behavior.

This is not the best strategy of behavior. Professional HR will find out the truth with clarifying questions, will isolate socially desirable answers, and will check any information from your previous job recommendations. You should understand that the recruiter is not your enemy. His/ her task is very similar to yours: he/ she must close the vacancy, and you want to find a job. The recruiter evaluates you according to the vacancy criteria and cares not only about how you fit the company but also for the company to suit you. So, get ready for constructive communication, read more about the company, its employers and employees, check online resume writing services to be sure there are no shortcomings in your papers.

Perceive the recruiter as an ally. Do not be deceived, be affable, and try to prove yourself at the interview. So you increase the chances that this person will help you prepare for the final interview and will become your reliable assistant in the adaptation. I know a lot of examples when a recruiter helped candidates prepare for an interview with a future leader, told about the duties in detail, expectations of the future manager, suggested what mistakes should not be allowed. Remember, that the recruiter will not even continue the communication with the candidate whose resume is not constructed correctly. Therefore, it is better to ask for the online resume help at a low rate.

Many more candidates underestimate the knowledge of recruiters about the specifics of their profession and do not prepare for the first interview. As a result, they do not show themselves well at the interview and do not go any further. Remember, a human resource manager may not have in-depth knowledge about your work, but he/ she will be able to assess your competencies and qualities accurately, as well as match the experience with the requirements of a vacancy, motivate and make a decision "for" or "against" you. Therefore, the interview should be prepared. As well as all the papers including your resume, cover letter, thank you letter and other documents. We highly recommend you using the cheap and fast resumes service help.

Stereotype 3. You can claim one salary to the recruiter, and another to the head

Some applicants for some reasons, think this way: if recruiters do not make decisions about wages, they can voice one sum, and at the final interview with the head, the sum can be changed. I hasten to disappoint the cunning. The head always knows the salary that the recruiter agreed with the candidate. Therefore, this behavior of the applicant tells him/ her only that a person is either a deceiver or he/ she does not know how much is his/ her cost in the labor market.

Such situations led to the fact that the candidate was given the amount he/ she called from the very beginning, or even refused to work.

Stereotype 4. Good positions can only be found if one has useful acquaintances

Useful links, as one of the job search channels, still work. However, business is a business, and companies are always looking for not "good guys," but for suitable employees. To search for professionals, they actively involve recruiters and headhunters, use job search sites, browse the resume databases.

Therefore, do not limit yourself by the conviction that cool positions are occupied only by "special" people. Distribute CVs to companies and recruiting agencies, post a resume on the sites, get up and fill out the page on LinkedIn and be active in the job search. If you need resume proofreading urgently, do not hesitate to contact us.

Stereotype 5. You need to show all your experience in a resume

You can display all your experience in your resume and paint it on five sheets so that the recruiter sees you as a versatile, experienced person. However, the approach does not work.

First, because the employer evaluates your resume for compliance with the vacancy criteria. This means that only suitable experience, courses, and knowledge are valuable to him/ her. If the resume is overloaded with information, the recruiter will find it difficult to find the most important thing for him/ her. How to build the outstanding resume and do not use the “wrong” phrases you may read here:

Secondly, your resume is a marketing document. It should be adapted to the interests of "buyers."

Thirdly, a person cannot be good at everything. To become an expert, you need to develop your expertise in one or more ways. Showing your entire experience, you risk appearing as a person who knows all about a little bit and does not know anything deeply. It is also good to understand the main difference between resume and CV.

Going to the interview, you probably will have to answer many questions about your career, experience, and style of work. Many of them can be prepared in advance. We, also, prepared some secrets of winning interview for you:

We have collected a list of questions that will help in the preparation of the interview to analyze your own experience, highlight key achievements and as a result will make you feel more at ease in the interview, and be ready to answer many frequently asked questions, no matter how the HR formulates them.

1. What are my strong professional sides?

2. How can I apply my strengths to a new position?

3. What professional skills can I offer the employer?

4. Which professional qualities are primary for this position, and which ones are secondary?

5. With what difficult situation, which I most successfully overcome, I had to face at work?

6. What would I like to do in 5 years? How do I see my career development?

7. What is my career goal?

8. What is the ideal job for me?

9. Why am I leaving the last job?

10. What distinguishes me from other candidates? (for example, specific or extensive experience in a particular field, special skills, etc.)

11. What attracted me to this position?

12. Why would I want to work for this company?

13. What achievements in the past work am I proud of?

14. What kind of salary do I expect?

15. What will my first steps be if I get a job?

16. What do I know about this company?

17. What did I like most and least of all on the last job?

18. How do I usually behave if I work in a team?

19. What situation do I consider to be critical in my work? What skills help me cope with difficulties?

20. What difficult decisions did I have to take at work?

21. What questions do I want to ask the employer?

Preparing for an interview? Here are a few final touches, 7 things that you need to remember to bring along, going to a meeting with the employer.

1. Multiple copies of a resume and a cover letter

They will be needed if you have a resume with several representatives of the company. The professional CV UK service offers the help with building a resume, just contact us and have your employment papers done in the perfect way.

2. Contact details of the person with whom you agreed on the interview

When you are assigned an interview, specify with whom and how you can contact by joining the company. Write down the full name and position, as well as the phone number of the person with whom you agreed on the interview.

3. Description of the route or map in any convenient form

In this case, the route and time on the road to the interview site should be considered and specified in advance.

4. Notepad and pen

This is useful to record the most crucial moments of the interview, even if you usually use electronic gadgets.

5. Portfolio of your projects

It will be easier for you to give specific examples from your professional practice and to illustrate your answers in an interview with the portfolio of your projects as an addition to your resume. To make a creative professional resume is easy with our service. Just write: “help building a resume online,” and our experts will contact you.

6. The contact information of people who can give you recommendations

You will be ready to answer the possible question of the employer about the recommendations. Also, this list is useful, even if you already submitted it along with the resume and cover letter. At the same time, do not forget to get a person's permission to give his/ her contacts. To find out more about how recommendations affect your career visit our site

7. Job description

Although going to the interview, you are well acquainted with the description of the vacancy for sure but having the text before your eyes will be easier for you to navigate, so that, for example, you can ask all the questions that interest you. At the same time, be aware of the top questions that can deceive you.

CV writing service from the UK has more helpful tips to share. Visit our blog, order our service and build the career of your dream.

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