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The ideal system to achieve goals

Do you know what the realization of your goals depends on? From the correctness of their statement! Naturally, the crucial role is played by the steps you take to make the wishes come true. A minor role is played by luck. However, the most essential thing in the life of every person is the first step. That is why today we will try to figure out how to achieve the desired goals as quickly as possible! Of course, to achieve the desired goal is very difficult. We blame anyone for our failures: fate, enemies, but not ourselves. We initially doom ourselves to failure if we do not even know about the importance of how to set the goals correctly. To make the right choice is often a challenge as well:

Why do some people achieve what they want quickly, while others have to go to their dreams for years? Of course, something depends on the circumstances that can play into the hands or interfere. Today, I would like to tell you how to achieve the goal, what will help you when planning, how to allocate your resources properly and what is important to know when setting a task.

Consider the target under the magnifying glass

How do you usually set a task for yourself? If you have a stupor and you do not know what to answer now, then you will definitely need an S.M.A.R.T. goal analysis system. This method helps to consider not only tasks for work, but also goals for life.

Thanks to this system, you will be able to set objective assessments of your tasks, learn to understand both realistic and achievable, evaluate the time that is necessary for achievement. To save your time for preparing the resumes or CVs, contact the best service that helps with employment papers:

SMART technology helps to consider the problem from several angles.

  1. The first is specificity. This criterion is responsible for the result. Each goal must have its own clear and definite result.

If you notice that in order to solve one task, you will have to cope with several more, then break everything down into smaller tasks. Remember: each goal has its own result. To have the best effect in building resume, find resume help online.

Ask yourself a few questions.

  • What result do I want to get?
  • How many people will be involved in the process?
  • What additional conditions may arise?

The more specific your goal is, the more likely you are to achieve what you want.

2. The second criterion is measurability.

Here you answer the question at what point the task will be considered completed.

  • How do you understand that the goal is achieved?

Of course, if the question “I want to buy a house” is before you, then the answer is obvious: when the house is bought, then the task can be considered completed. If your question is: I want to lose weight by the summer. Here you need to think about the number of kilograms taken off, by which particular day you plan to reach the desired result.

3. The third is reachability (achievable). I think it is not necessary to explain that the goal should be realistic. Fly to Mars in the near future, you are unlikely to succeed. However, to visit the astronomical center is very realistic. To pass the stressful job interview could also be a realistic goal with the help of our service.

This criterion helps to assess not only the realism of the task but also to understand how high your motivation is to accomplish this mission. The more unreal the goal is, the less your motivation will be.

4. The fourth is relevance.

  • What benefits will this issue bring you?

If you require a lot of resources, time, and costs to achieve the goal, but the result does not bring significant benefits, then the target can be considered useless.

5. The fifth is time (time-bound).

Each task should be limited in time. Otherwise, the process of achieving it becomes infinite. Even the highest and good goals should have a time frame. This also applies to the moment of employment, you should understand clearly when it's high time to build your resume.

Example: I want to become a benefactor / I want to help orphanages. Set temporary boundaries: “To help ten orphanages in five years.” “Send to charity forty thousand before the end of this year.”

It does not matter if you are planning to achieve results in a short time or your goal requires a lot of time. It should be as specific as possible.

Let us look at an example. We face a challenge: I want to learn to ride a bike. Consider it from the point of view of specifics, for this we need a bike, or you can ask a friend, or you can rent it.

We choose the option to take a friend’s bike, especially since he will be able to teach me to ride it.

The desired result: I am riding a bike on my own.

Measurability: I want to learn to ride a bike before summer.

Therefore, it is necessary to negotiate with a friend, so that he will teach me to ride every weekend. There are no problems with reachability here. After all, we do not plan to learn to drive a space planetary.

Significance: I do not have a car, but if I learn to ride a bike, I can get to work faster, and it will cost me less than spending money on public transport every day. One more way to save your time and energy is to edit your cover letter for money.

Here we have a probable second goal: to buy a bicycle, but it should be considered separately.

Time: every weekend until summer. Accordingly, by the first of June, I should already be able to ride a bike well.

If you consider your goals and objectives this way, you will easily understand how achievable it is, how long you will achieve results, what additional actions you will need to take.

Are you puzzled by an issue, where to find time for such an analysis? I recommend to your attention some useful tips from the article on our blog about the perfect daily routine.

Let us talk about motivation

Not only analysis and evaluation are essential when setting a task. Your desire is extremely important. The more you want to achieve a result, the more effort you will make for this.

Each person uses his/ her own means for success. Someone is using a reward system. If he/she comes down for an interview, he/she buys a delicious pie.

Others apply a system of penalties and fines. I did not pay the receipt on time, and then I’ll put a hundred dollars in an envelope. I know comrades who resort to the help of friends. One of my friends saved money for a car. In addition, for all the holidays she asked to give her money in sealed envelopes, which she immediately put in a box. More money saving tips for you can be found at

You can use any system of motivation. Here you have to look for it yourself. What is more challenging for you? What state helps you move towards your goal?

One of my friends quickly solves all the work issues before bedtime. He learned to use it, and now he does not waste time on those tasks that he can solve in the evening, at work.

It is not enough to say, “I wish.” Your desire must be supported by real actions. What is more, you must understand yourself what will push you to commit actions.

Learn to recognize your motivators. You can use them to achieve the following goals.

If you do not feel strong, nothing motivates you, but you want to change this situation, be sure to read the article about the resume creator service for money.

Additional assistance

Besides the fact that you have to act, there is another method that helps to program the subconscious to achieve the goal.

Affirmations. You may or may not believe in these statements, but they work even when you do not practice them and do not pronounce them. Constant chewing of thoughts and images that come into the head against the will are the negative affirmations. The constant repetition of lines from advertising or some other informational rubbish is also the affirmation leading to nowhere, instead of the positive affirmations that can really help you.

If we imagine that we are sailing in a boat on a broad river, then what will you immediately ask for? What do you lack in this picture? Right, oars. Only the dead sail in the boat without oars. If you mentally put you in a boat and “send” to the middle of the river, then you immediately, want to paddle, or at least a pole to CONTROL, row in the direction you want or at least push away the snags on the way.

Affirmations that are deliberately pronounced out loud are professional paddles for rowers who know where they are going and who do not want to break. Dead do not need the affirmations.

This method does not always work, and it necessarily requires your direct participation. Just sitting and dreaming will not work.

Do not be afraid to set several tasks at once. Do not forget about delegation as well, everything you have to do is to find online resumes writing services for you and contact the professional writers who are eager to help. If you disassemble them according to the technology described above, you can easily combine the achievement of goals.

I believe that any method is suitable if it helps you move forward. Read the books of Adam Merrill “How to achieve the main goals without overloading and burnout,” and Brian Tracy “Reaching the maximum” and make sure that you have all the necessary capabilities. If you lack something now, then this is fixable by working on yourself.

How do you usually set tasks for yourself? Do you evaluate them by any criterion? What helps you, and what is stopping you?

Good luck in all your endeavors!

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