How To Pass A Stressful Job Interview


7 frightening techniques of a stressful job interview

Sometimes an interviewer imitates a real “fighting situation”, trying to unbalance you. How to understand that this is just a game, what to expect and how to withstand this battle?

You will never be warned about the stress interview. And it is quite difficult to figure out whether the company representative is just a cad, or this is just a part of a game. Stressful interviews are usually held with those candidates, whose work is often nervous and requires good endurance. Assistant managers, sales and customer service managers, salespeople, customer service specialists, journalists, advertising and insurance agents can face such a kind of interview.

At the stressful interview an employers is interested not only in the answers to the questions, but also in the candidate’s reaction. In such a situation it is important to maintain confidence and not to show your irritation. If you start to make excuses, get angry, defend, shout – you will not pass the check. That is why our professional resume writers decided to share with you useful tips on how to pass stress interview by publishing this stressful job interview post.

Now our resume writer service presents general recommendations on the stressful interview passing and also publishes useful information about the most common stress interview techniques. We will tell you in this post on stress interview techniques how to recognize them and how to behave in such situations.


You have come to the interview in time, but it doest not start. You are standing in the hall whit no place to sit, and a recruiter goes back and forth, it looks like he has nothing to do, but he asks to wait a little longer.

In the companies people seldom behave in such a way, so more likely you are being tested right now for durability and meanwhile they observe your reaction. The way out for an ordinary worker is to wait. If you apply for the vacancy that requires resoluteness, then it is worth to clarify politely what the reason of delay is, and when exactly you can start the conversation. If the interviewer can not answer these questions, you may apologize and say that you can no longer wait. They will set another time for you and will start the interview immediately.


Filling of the tests and forms may take pretty much time. In such a way an employer can test your diligence, perseverance and your attitude to the routine work. It can be complicated with the fact that there will be no facilities for the papers filling in the room where you will do it.

It is necessarily to ask where you can sit down. Be ready that you can be asked to rewrite the form saying, for example, that you have illegible handwriting. We can say with almost 100% confidence that this is “a part of a play”.

Atmosphere and furnishing

Uncomfortable chair, bright lamp, noisy room – if you are in such an uncomfortable situation, do not hesitate to tell about this. Your request can be rejected, of course. In this case you may say you are sorry it is impossible to change the surrounding, but you are ready to continue the conversation. Remember that your patience and self-respect are observed.


Recruiter constantly interrupts you, changes the subject of the conversation, reproaches you and in general behaves very unfriendly. Of course, it can be just a human nature, but if the degree of hostility is too high, you can be sure that you are tested.

Do not become irritated, do not argue and do not make excuses. Do not wonder that an interviewer comments on your words negatively. For example: “What nonsense”, “It does not look well”, “Do you really proud of this?” and so on. Remember that it can be a stress interview and join the game. Keep calm, you can ask the interviewer to explain his point of view, but in no case do not lose your temper.

Personal questions

To cut the ground from under your feet and to make your nervous, recruiter can start making questions about your personal life and even make intimate question.

Keep in mind that interviewer want to see your reaction, and not to figure out the details of your personal life. You can politely refuse to answer such questions, because they do not have any relation to the professional activity, or you can use your sense of humor. Controlling yourself you can find good answer to the most awkward question.

Good and bad

You can be interviewed by two interviewers at the same time, using the tactic that you have probably seen in the movies: “good cop” and “bad cop”. One interviewer will be very friendly, and another one will be his absolute opposite. The most important thing is not to be afraid and not to let them confuse you. Focus on the meaning of the questions, not on their form.


“What are you ready for to get this job?” – this is the question you definitely do not expect. So how to react to it? Especially if employers offers you at once a couple of options. For example, to cut your long hair, to dye your hair, to sing something and so on.

Of course, employer is not interested in your singing skills, he wants to know whether you are able to refuse politely and cope with the problematic situation. Accepting his conditions you will present yourself as a very compliant and desperate person.

How to pas a stress interview

A stress interview is a nightmare of any jobseeker. Its main target is to get a man out of his comfort zone and make him show his true face, which can be seen in difficult working situations.

The sense of the stressful interview is not to make candidates suffer, however many jobseekers can disagree with this statement. Such an interview is an effective method to predict the human work performance under load and stress. A candidate, who confidently and calmly copes with the pressure on the interviewer, has more chances to get a job than a candidate, who can work only within his comfort zone.

Methods of stress interview

1) Provocative or aggressive questions: even a timid interviewer can test your self-control making such a questions as “Why were you fired?”.

2) An aggressive behaviour of an interviewer: a person who interviews you will behave rudely, absolutely unfriendly, will use actively the body language and gestures. With his behaviour he tries to unbalance you.

3) Unexpected interviewer’s behaviour: an interviewer may behave strangely. For example, he may ask one and the same question for several times, pretending that he does not understand your answers. At the same time he is interested in how you can explain and repeat the same, without losing your temper.

4) Interview with the logic tasks: such kind of interview becomes more and more popular. Of course, you can not know the answers to the questions like “How much does the ice on a hockey field weight?”. You task is to explain how it can be figured out.

5) Situational interview: this type of an interview is practiced in modern organizations. Its essence is in the modeling of certain situations with difficult solutions. And a candidate should describe the model of behaviour or give specific solution of the situation. Meanwhile they check your knowledge, analytical skills, ability to prioritize and anticipate problems.

How to react

  • Clarify the questions and what they expect to hear. It will help you to gain time to orient yourself and think for a little bit. Do not hesitate to make questions, sometimes this is exactly what they expect from you.
  • Speak and do only after having thought everything thoroughly.
  • Focus on the solution of a problem. It should not necessarily be correct answer, perhaps, there is no right answer at all.
  • Be honest, open and calm. Do not be afraid of emotional pressure, this is a part of the game.

A stress interview is an arguable and difficult method to test the candidates. It should be used very carefully, and only professionals can do it. Often such a method of selection harms the employer, because even after successfully passed interview, a candidate may not agree to work in a company. Our online resume writing service wishes you to cope with stress interview if you ever face it. And now having ready this post about stressful interview you know how to deal with the most difficult situations.