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Resume Writing Service Helps to Find New JobProfessional resume company shares TOP-10 skills that will be valued in the labor market

It is very important nowadays to be in demand in the labor market. To achieve this one should make a professional resume. The best way is to contact the resume service and be sure your resume, cover letter, thank you letter and any other documents meet all the requirements. The advantages of such a service are obvious:

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The labor market, skills, and abilities are alive, they adapt to the needs of the time, new professions appear and disappear. For example, at the end of the last century, the occupations of an engineer or a chauffeur were exotic, it is quite possible that drivers will become unnecessary in the foreseeable future because mankind invented unmanned vehicles and even airplanes. However, complete robotization of all production is impossible. At least because the robots should be periodically improved. The profession, associated with human "living" communication, will remain.

Experts from the cheap custom resume services offer to look more closely at TOP-10 skills that will be appreciated in the labor market in the near future.

1. Complex solution of problems, the ability to see the cause and eliminate it. If a person has a toothache, it’s not necessary to fight pain with the help of pills but to treat or remove a sick tooth. Example: the store does not bring the desired profit. You can conclude that the salespeople are not working well and change them indefinitely, or you can analyze the entire network operation.

2. Critical thinking. Do not believe all the incoming information in the era of its overabundance but evaluate and analyze it is a very valuable skill in any professional field.

3. Ability to handle large amounts of data, highlight the most important and draw conclusions. The ability to understand information, summarize it is a very important skill in the career of the future. At the same time, you do not need to learn to rely only on numbers and data. It is necessary to retain the ability to make decisions and act when there is no data and information.

4. Media literacy. Blogs, social networks, podcasts, forums, all these are the important areas for creating your image and interaction with the consumer. Such skills will completely penetrate into professional communications in the future. Employees of the future will have to work freely in video formats, develop content for modern forms of media and communication.

5. Flexibility of the mind or cognitive flexibility is the ability to switch quickly from one thought to another and to think about several things at once.

6. Creativity. The lack of patterned thinking and the ability to see what is not. It is a mistake to believe that creativity is needed only in creative professions. It needs in business, as much, if not more. For example, by offering partners a non-standard project, you can outplay competitors.

7. Emotional and social intelligence, the ability to understand the emotions, intentions, and motivations of other people, and your own ones, as well as the ability to control your emotions and emotions of other people, adjust to the tone of the interlocutor, feel his/ her mood.

8. The ability to manage people (People management). The complex of various skills can be referred to this item, for example, it is painless coming out of conflict situations, ability to promote the one who deserves the most, to stop gossips and intrigues, to form such an atmosphere in the team so that employees hurry not from work but to work.

9. Ability to make decisions quickly. This skill can be called a consequence of all the above. In addition, the ability to form your own opinion and not be afraid of responsibility.

10. Interdisciplinarity. Many of the problems and tasks, both in a separate company and in the world as a whole, require interdisciplinary solutions. On this basis, the ideal employee of the future is one who has his own specialization plus good knowledge in related fields to talk with specialists from other areas in one language. A specialist who has mastered more than one specialty, and two or three related, as a rule, has a better chance of getting a job and more tools in his/ her arsenal, which make it possible to be more competitive in the market.

Related Professions

An employee who has several related professions is profitable for a company, especially in a crisis period. The advantages of developing related professions were analyzed by specialists of the perfect cheap resumes services.

Professions - "relatives"

A related profession is not a part-time job, it's an additional specialty in the same field as the main one. In fact, this is a different profession but one that can be mastered very quickly with not too much time and other resources. All this will help you make yourself indispensable.

  • Accountant. Related to the accountant may be the profession of an auditor, tax consultant, economist, financial manager. All these specialties operate with similar concepts, documentation, laws.
  • Lawyer. A specialist in this profession can work as an economist or in the personnel department, as a consultant in real estate transactions, provide consulting services, etc. All these specialties are based on legislative acts.
  • Pharmacist. After completing the course, you can become a clinical pharmacologist, product manager or sales representative, a marketer in a pharmaceutical company. There are good chances to get an international medical representative if you have knowledge of foreign languages.
  • Teacher. Related professions for a schoolteacher can be a social educator, educator, tutor. A mathematics teacher, for example, can combine the position of lecturer in astronomy and physics at the school. The teacher can apply for vacant positions in the guardianship council, rehabilitation centers, and boarding schools.
  • Journalist. The scribblers can master the profession of a PR manager, a specialist in external and internal communications, an advertiser, a copywriter, a political, economic, art expert or consultant in the industry that he / she wrote about as a journalist. TV journalists can simultaneously master the profession of the director of editing or the presenter. Their writing colleagues often become writers. Check online resume service and meet real professionals in the field of writing.

Let them teach me!

Large corporations encourage staff to develop related professions by organizing training centers on their base. You can master a similar specialty directly at the workplace. This practice is often used in production when an experienced specialist passes his/ her knowledge to a less-experienced worker. Although, in this situation, there are some nuances: it is quite difficult to motivate the master of his/her business to share the secrets of the profession without additional incentives. The high-quality UK cover letter writing services is always ready to share all the necessary tips to change your career and make your life better.

Even if you are not going to change radically your life in the working field in the near future, to change your profile or look for a new job, learning the related specialty won’t be superfluous. Managers appreciate employees who can "catch up" the duties of a colleague if necessary. The development of related professions also contributes to the fact that employees better see the big picture not only in their department but also in the whole organization. However, it often happens that such specialists burn out at work.

What to do in this case?

It seems that the working day lasts 24 hours, you sleep 8 hours, but do not get enough sleep, at night you see nightmares, colleagues irritate you, clients cause anger ... There is the chronic fatigue on your face. The organism urgently needs a vacation as a reboot.

The experts from the perfect customer service in resume and editing have identified 10 signs that you urgently need rest.

1. Fatigue. In the morning, you feel broken, tired, sleepy, although you had been sleeping for 7-8 hours. Monday reminds Friday, there are not enough days off, although you fell asleep and "laid back", and did not go camping or rafting along a mountain river. The to-do list causes depression and despair, although its volume has not changed for the last 2-3 weeks. At home, you immediately run to the refrigerator, and after fall asleep. Reading books, watching movies or talking to friends are out of the question. The general decline of strength and apathy are characteristic symptoms of the fact that you are completely worked out:

2. Insomnia. The body wants to rest, but cannot. You count the sheep until the dead of night, and in the morning you hardly get up with the alarm clock, at the same time you feel broken and sleepy. How to fight the consequences of hard work, you may read here:

3. Unreasonable anxiety. You suddenly have thoughts that you are going to get fired, robbed in an alley, cheated in the store. Before, you have never had such experiences, but now, when the nervous system is exhausted, you are often visited by disturbing thoughts.

4. Problems with appetite. You are constantly gnawing something, then all day you do not feel hunger. Your diet has changed a lot: you lean on the sweet, subconsciously activating the "hormone of joy."

5. Impossibility to concentrate. You spend half of your working day in order to understand why you are here at all. When you understand, you cannot work for five minutes without looking at the social network, checking the mail, or doing something else. The work is done not good: a bunch of errors in the report, in the correspondence with partners, funny mistakes, missed letters and words. Most likely, the reason for inattention is in the accumulated fatigue.

You may find much useful information on our blog about the legal resume service and easy ways to build your career.

6. Unjustified irritability. You’re ready to pounce on colleagues for every little thing or even for no reason, your family name you a tyrant, you started to pluck evil on passengers in public transport and people in line at the cash register in the supermarket.

7. A constant desire to retire. It’s physically difficult for you to contact people, the only thing you dream about is that everyone left you alone. You do not want to know anything about the problems of others, you are completely focused on yourself. You are not able to empathize, nor help, nor sympathize. Have you heard about resume building services? The professional writers can give their assistance not only in preparing your papers for building your career but can also share the secrets of EQ and IQ development.

8. Lack of joy. Those things that yesterday brought pleasure and joy, today leave you indifferent. It seems to you that nothing in the world is worth your smile. Whatever you think or talk about, there is always something negative to express. You refuse to notice positive things in people and events, cannot keep good spirit during a working day.

9. Confusion. You cannot force yourself to do the cleaning in the house, and you have a complete mess in the workplace.

10. Complete lack of motivation and ambition. You do not care whether the work on the new project is interesting, exciting, whether it will bring good dividends to the company, whether it will be important personally for you. You absolutely do not care that working on this project can be a way to increase. You are not even motivated by money, let alone career prospects.

If you find at least half of these signs, it is urgent to go on vacation! Wish you to find the job that will inspire you and make your life brighter. It is possible with the professional CV writers UK.

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