How To Fight The Consequences Of Hard Work


Overwork lead to a great number of problems physical as well as psychological. Each person finds his own explanations of such a situation: good company, high salary and so on. However, the most interesting job can hardly be more interesting than your own psychological state, and it is absolutely impossible to create the cash equivalent of your health.

We are talking about the main problems that follow the excessive working time and our resume writers, who provide professional resume services, are going to make an attempt to solve these problems. Read our post on how to fight hard work consequences and you will be aware of how to behave in stressful situation and how to cope with them.

I work more than 40 hours per week

Increase in the number of working hours has a negative impact on the whole your life. One way or another, there are only 24 hours in a day, and each excess hour spent on work is an hour that could be spent with your family, friends, favourite hobby, which allows you to have a rest and relax. Working too much you stop having time for many other things. Eventually, irritability on the basis of “I do not have time for anything” adds to the increasing fatigue, which inevitably comes and is accumulated. Having reduced working hours, you will not only let yourself reduce your everyday fatigue, but also you will manage to improve the quality of your life.

In case when your employer makes you work overtime, it is necessary to say directly and honestly about the situation. Ask to reduce the number of working hours for you. Probably, in return there will follow a counter-offer to reduce salary. Weigh all the “pros” and “cons” of the appeared perspective, and after that make a decision. A good argument is that excess working hours reduce your productivity and fatigue is being accumulated, what leads to greater decrease of your efficiency at the moment. In case if your employer takes care of your state, he can make a decision in your favor. If he treats you as a robot, which can work hard without thinking of the consequences of his state, then you should think of the change of work. This is your health, after all. Remember that professionals of our resume service will help you to create good resume and write an awesome cover letter, if you decide to look for a new job.

I do not get enough sleep

Unfortunately, for most people it has become a norm not to get enough sleep. It seems to us that our body can adapt to any schedule. This is especially true for young people, who feel that they have iron health, which nothing can harm. For months of such work psychological state of a man may change significantly. Probably, you will not even notice any change, but people who surround you can feel it. Here belong increased irritability, and permanent bad mood. Symptoms are individual for each person, but the risk to fill your consciousness with endless depression is too high. The consequences of such behaviour are also individual. Someone starts drinking, someone changes in the nature so much that the close ones stop recognizing him, and others start going to a psychiatrist.

There are lucky people who can fall asleep right after they lie in bed. Someone need time to fall asleep. You know yourself well and the time you need to sleep. It follows that planning your day you need to allocate hours for sleep to get enough sleep plus hours to fall asleep. A great advice is to refuse from work activity at least one hour before going to sleep. It is better to spend this hour lying in your bed. If you have obvious troubles falling asleep, then it would be better to consult a doctor.

This is such a stress!

Stress has become almost a constant companion of modern man. The rhythm of life is accelerating. We are in a hurry, trying to make a thousand affairs per day, and at the same time we try not to forget about another thousand of things that we have to do tomorrow. Also remember that you have household chores and family.

A good way to get rid of stress is breathing exercises and yoga. They do not require much time and give good result. And the most important rule is not to allow yourself to focus on the thoughts that cause stress. Remember that each second, during which you keep in you head a though about any problem not trying to find solution of the problem, is a waste of time. On the Internet you can find many ways on how to relieve stress. Try some of them and choose those that are the most effective for you and do not contradict the legislation.

Colleagues do nothing at all and irritate

Each person can face situation when there is a person in a team that irritates him. First of all you need to figure out why this person causes negative at you. Probably, the problem is not about him, but about you. Even an abstract term “personal animosity” hides certain reasons, which we usually do not see. Try to discover these reasons and analyze them. If in a person’s behaviour there are some points that irritate, try to discuss it with him. Maybe, he does not irritate everyone purposely, probably he just does not know that he provokes negative at other people. If discussing this issue you did not get any result, you can always tell about this to your employer.

Another situation happens to people who treat their work too much seriously. Sometimes it even looks like fanaticism. It seems to a person that he works hard while others do nothing at all. If you have such a thought, then ask yourself what goal you are pursuing working in such a rhythm. And after that look at whether that “lazy one” copes with his duties? If yes, it means he does everything in the right way, and you need to reread the above written points and think of yourself.

I even do not take a leave

Someone can be even proud of this. In fact, an ability to work for years is not that useful for you. Probably, you just do not notice your tiredness, but tiredness remains and does not disappear. Some people start feeling guilty taking a leave. You should not feel guilt because you have deserved your vacation. Even if you can not afford to spend vacation abroad, you may perfectly rest anywhere, all you need is to use creativity and reject the thought “I can have a good rest only in that very place”.

Work to the detriment of the body

Not everyone goes in for sport. In combination with a sedentary lifestyle, chronic lack of sleep and poor diet it may lead to overweight. It seems to us that we just do not have time to do some exercises, and this is another great excuse not to do something. In fact, you can always find time for sport. 20 minutes only will be enough to warm up. Even ordinary walks help to avoid accumulation of extra kilos.

Our service hopes that this post on hard work consequences fighting will be useful for you. So do not overwork and take care of your physical and psychological health.