You Are Going To Be Fired: How To Defuse The Situation


If you start noticing the signals that you may be fired, doing nothing in such situation is the worst thing that can be only imagined. Alison Green, expert psychologist on staff gives advice on how to act in such situations, and our resume writing service publishes these tips for you in our post on how to save your job.

Overstep your pride

Throw aside your hurt “Ego”. Of course, you will want to defend against criticism. However, focusing on an idea of defense or on a thought that your boss is a screwball, or a tyrant, or in his case he makes a huge mistake, you can prevent yourself to analyze objectively the situation. There are cases when it was possible to settle the situation, but it did not happen, because a person did not want to listen to criticism, “building a wall” in front of him. Eve if your chief has tyrannical temper, you will only harm yourself, if do not listen to rebukes with your mind open.

Throw your “I” even further and direct your feet to your manager, turning off your defensive stance. Tell your boss that you know he is dissatisfied with you, but you want to get an advice to improve your work. We are not talking about self-defense, even if eventually you realize that your boss is mistaken. Such a step is necessary to listen to your employer, whether he is right or not, because even if he objectively makes a mistake, you need to hear the full answer to choose the further actions. Whatever you think about the words of your boss, the reality is that you boss has much more valid thoughts of whether you are suitable for this job or not. So, now when you are aware of the manager’s opinion, you need to answer two questions: will you cope with something you are asked about? And do you want to do it? There is no reason to avoid an honest answer.

In some cases the rejection of the defense, sincere attention to the comments of the manager, recognition that his remarks may maintain the truth can help you to turn the negative tendency into positive. There are cases when workers got significant achievements from quite weak indicators in their work. You should not forget about this.

In other cases you may decide that you can not or you do not want to do what your employer asks you to do. If your boss and you share the same opinion about the lack of good prospects at this job, there is one quite not traditional, but usually very effective approach to the problem. Come to your boss with such a statement: “Thank you for being honest with me. I will try to improve my work, however, it seems that we should look realistically at the perspective that it may not work out. I would like to know whether we could make up a smooth transition for both of us in case of my dismissal. Would you mind to continue working with me while I start looking for a new workplace? It will help me, and you will have an opportunity to find a replacement for me, and also I will help a new worker to get acquainted with the work conditions faster”.

As a rule, managers do not have objections in such situation, because they do not want to fire an employee if it is possible to avoid it. Having made such a proposal to your employer, you increase the chances that it will go just as you say. You will have time to search for a new job, you will have no need to explain the reasons for dismissal later, and you will have more control over the situation, rather than with a different outcome.

However, before you decide to take such a step, you need to imagine clearly the culture of relationships inside the company and your manager’s attitude, because you can hear such answer as: “it looks like you have decided to fire, well, we agree with you”. So be careful and think over each your action.

It all depends on what way you will choose, and the most important is to be honest with yourself and treat everything without prejudice. Do not ignore obvious signs, hoping that you will manage to break through. Take an active position and realize that there is nothing to be ashamed of, if you do not manage to cope with something. Solve your problems, do not try to hide from them. Anyway, if you realize that you can not avoid dismissal, you will have to find for a new workplace. For this purpose you will need to create a professional resume, and our website is the best option for you. Our professional resume writer will help you to build competent resume that will become a powerful tool in a job search process.

How to predict that you are about to be fired

There are pretty transparent signs that an employee is about to be fired, and they can be direct as well as indirect. In this how to predict that you are about to be fired post specialists of our online resume service share with you the advice of Ellison Green on what signs mean that an employee is going to be dismissed.

1. The simplest sign is when your employer tell you about this directly, not hiding anything. As a rule, direct managers warn in advance those workers, who are going to be fired, in case when their work and productivity at job will obviously not be improved. Remember, if your boss has said something about dismissal, he is not joking.

2. In other case you suddenly start noticing that you are getting more and more written rebukes and directions. If earlier you boss used to make oral comments only, but now he started to send you emails mostly, it is possible that he creates documented dossier to use it as a justification for dismissal. There is no secret that some companies demand to document problems with a particular employee before dismissing him.

3. You start noticing that your boss constantly finds fault on any occasion. If employer also has a feeling that employee argues back and tends to make trouble, then this indicates a problem.

4. Now you have noticed that your manager control your work too much, controls any tiny detail. Here is the thing. When employer has doubts about the efficiency of an employee’s work, he starts thinking that the problems may go beyond of what lays on the surface, and boss begins to “dig deeper”. So, if the results of your work started to be checked more thoroughly than it was before, there should be a reason for this. It does not necessarily mean that you are about to be fired, but anyway something is wrong. So it would be okay if you ask your boss about the reasons.

5. Another warning sign is that your employer asks for your opinion less, he does not want your advice, and completely rejects any your idea about a task or a project. And even worse, boss demonstrates loss of faith in an employee and even considers him an obstacle in working process.