11 Tips On How To Become An Indispensable Employee


It happens sometimes that even successful and thriving companies are forced to cut staff. Not to let this happen you need to prove your employer that company just can not exist and perform its work without you.

Work productivity and reputation directly depend on your organization skills. It is always amiss to forget about a meeting or to lose someone’s phone number. And definitely it will not add you professionalism. “I thrown away a piece of paper with your number by accident”, “Did we arrange meeting for today?” – these are the phrases that can ruin your reputation, and even if you say them in your mind only, without attracting the general attention, it will hardly save the situation.

Organization skills will always help you to finish any task completely and in time. Our professional resume writers have prepared for you simple tips that will help you to become more organized in your work just having put everything in order on your desktop. Besides, our writes are always ready to help you to make a professional resume. Contact us for more details.

The specialists of our website, which is one of the top professional resume writing services, present you useful advice that will help you to become an indispensable employee. So read thoroughly this post on becoming an indispensable employee and you will increase your chances to save your work in any situation. Here are 11 effective tips for you.

1. Focus on the core business direction

Many companies have several directions of their activity, but usually there is only one core direction that brings the most part of profit, defined successfulness of a company and sets its vector. You task is to define this main direction, develop necessary skills demanded for it and take part in the activities of this direction.

2. Accept changes

It is great if you are able to accept changes, and it is even better if you become a part of the changes. Be aware of new ways of doing business, and actively use them. Forget the principle “We used to do it in such a way all the time”.

3. Be productive

Of course, it does not mean at all that you need to increase your working day. The way how to work less and be more productive at the same time we have already discussed in post on how to keep up with everything and work less, which you can read on our resume writing services website. It is better to find a task that you can cope with, but this task should not be one of your ordinary duties. If you have some spare time and there is a work that you can do, then do it. Do not think: “I am not going to do it, this is not my job”.

4. Be visible and noticeable

Employees, whose workplace is located near the employer’s office, seem more productive. However, not everyone is so lucky to get such a place. You need to find ways to make your achievements more noticeable and do not wait that it will happen on its own, without your participation.

5. Find a supervisor

Find a person who is a real professional of his field. You should be useful to him and make questions on professional activity. Thus you will develop new skills and improve your knowledge.

6. Be a nice person

You should be such a worker, whom clients and customers want to work with. Be friendly with your colleagues and try to pay some attention to their achievements. Some little tricks may seem a good way to stand out among others, but they definitely will have negative consequences. Endless complaining will also help you to become more noticeable, but in a bad way, so keep it in mind.

7. Get rid of the garbage

Throw away the thing that you do not use for a long time. Why should they occupy space and interfere with something useful. Do you still keep financial report for 2010 in your desktop? Take it away from there. It may happen that you will put some necessary papers under the report and forget about it. Then you will start looking for them, getting nervous and worried. All new and important documents should be easily noticed. Everything old and outdated should be in a rubbish bin or at the far archive.

8. Put each item on its shelf

It is a very bad habit to keep everything all together. If you can not throw something away, then at least you need to sort and order your staff. Last year reports should be kept into one folder, new reports should be in another one. After that remove all irrelevant from your desk. Besides, put things in order not only on your desk, your computer and your office, but also in your head.

9. Order should be in your task list

Do not postpone the “cleaning”, it should be on your to do list along with other tasks, and it should coincide with the completed stages of tasks from the list. Did you pay the project bill? Put it into appropriate place, instead of leaving it on the table, and do not let it “jump” on different sides and from one drawer to another.

10. Keep clean

Have you put everything in order? Do not think that the task is done, because you need to keep it clean all the time. This is the surest way to avoid another “cleaning”. You need to deal with each new paper at once, otherwise papers will not stop being accumulated. The same rule is about your email. If you have time to answer a letter now, then do it, or your folder “Incoming emails” will turn into a rubbish dump, and because of this you may forget or just lose an important letter.

11. Use technology wisely

Keep phone numbers and addresses in your computer and phone, use online organizers, from which you can get data using any device. Your calendar, address book, to-do lists and many other things will be always available and near at hand, and not in a notebook that can be lost somewhere. Also your notebook can not send you reminders for appointments and deadlines. Such tools will help you to save time and be assembled and organized.