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Today we want to discuss a crucial question that is the change of the profession.

Three out of four office workers dream of trying themselves in another direction. Two of them do not dare. These are the results of the survey among the office employees of the portal for the selection of personnel. The biggest obstacle to retraining is the fear of failure. This was told by the expert on the search for personnel of Recruit Alliance Company Olga Oros. It is essential to get ready all the necessary papers including the professionally built resume and cover letter. Our experts will eagerly offer their assistance for you. To read more about the importance of the cover letter you may here:

Retraining often takes place immediately after graduation. On the other hand, many accountants and lawyers do not work in the desired direction. They are inflexible, timid. They are afraid to take decisive steps.

As Olga Oros said, the office workers search for retraining of creative specialties more often. Accountants, lawyers, economists do not find themselves in the labor market and begin to engage in their own business related to creative work. Graduates of high schools are retrained to programmers in the hope of greater earnings and easier employment. Often, specialists in marketing, management, and jurisprudence change their preferences in work to become make-up artists, confectioners, masseurs, beauticians, hoteliers.

“This is due to the fact that the parents determine the career of a high school pupil more than entrant, after several years of work in the specialty they find another direction that is more to their liking.” The process often changes, they change creativity to commerce.

In the company for personnel search “Nova Person,” they call such a formula of successful re-qualification: “I want. I can. I must.”

“Before deciding to change jobs, you need to understand where to go.” In every major city, there are courses on the development of a new profession. You may even find ones to become a cool technical specialist, as an example. You can take online classes, attend webinars. The main thing is to determine what specialist is needed in the labor market in this city. That is, what skills does a person lack in the zone of his/ her development.

It is better to prepare from the school. 14-year-olds are quite capable of realizing their life choices. Therefore, the senior school should already prepare children for the profession.

According to the psychologist, the sooner a person realizes his/ her vocation, the better it will be for him/ her and those people who surround him/ her. “I personally made a huge detour in order to find my vocation. Since my childhood, I was interested in people. When I was asked what I liked most in the world, I said: People. My views did not change. I was a very active participant in the debate program, participated in volunteer projects, and represented the children of Europe and Central Asia at a special session of the UN. Then I decided that the closest sphere of my activity was international law, after which I received a business education. The psychologist is already my third education. I got my psychologist's education being a mother of three kids. Psychology helped me to understand myself as a person and as a mother,” says Kathy Yasko. Of course, the best decision in this situation would be to contact cover letter writers.

However, not all people realize their calling at a young age. In this case, according to the psychologist, it is necessary to prepare a person for adulthood at the level of life skills.

“The school often lacks character formation. There is such a thing as character-based education. It is now spreading around the world. There is a whole education movement based on character formation in the United States. Martin Seligman and Chris Peters studied the concept of success and happiness for 30 years, they singled out 24 strengths of character that in all cultures are the key to success and happiness. This is self-control, vitality, optimism, curiosity, social and emotional intelligence, the ability to feel gratitude. Twenty four virtues include generosity, the ability to feel love and share it, express it, a moderate attitude toward risk, balance, the ability to feel beauty. There is such virtue as transcendence. This is the ability to go beyond your consciousness, to see yourself from the outside,” -- says Kathy Yasko.

It is also highly recommended to ask for the cover letter and resume help from the professionals.

Let's remind, pupils of the middle and high school spend for 8-10 hours for studying. Therefore, according to Kathy Yasko, many of them do not know how to cook, take care of themselves in everyday matters.

The decision to change the profession can come at any age -- at 25, 35, and 45 years. How to find a new specialty if the experience does not match the desired position? How not to become a hostage to your own successful resume and retain the right to choose a professional destiny? Professional CV and cover letter writing services for cheap are ready to help in improving your employment papers.

Those who decided to change the direction and, for example, replace the laptop with the showman's microphone, will need caution. To accomplish such a transformation in one day is not easy for many reasons. First, finding a job in a profession, you have no experience, is quite difficult, especially for people of mature age. You will have to make a lot of efforts to convince the recruiter in your high motivation. Secondly, the change of profession will almost certainly mean a decline in income, at least in the first time. Thirdly, you will have to forget for some time that you are a professional, and remember your feelings when you were a beginner. You will have to learn, perhaps, from younger colleagues. In addition, to be sure your paper is done professionally it is better to contact the cheap customer service cover letters and get the experts’ help.

So before you make a final decision about changing your profession, soberly assess your ability to adapt in new conditions. Will you be able to support a family that has become accustomed to the income of a successful sales manager for a small salary of a beginner interior designer? Are you ready to listen to a dozen refusals before finding a job? Finally, can you consciously reduce your professional self-esteem?

Education, resume, interview...

If you decide to retrain or fundamentally change your profession, start with education. Think about what skills you do not have enough to start, choose the appropriate courses or a practical seminar, the Internet will help you find the information you need. Three or four evenings a week, perhaps in parallel with the current work, and in a few months, you will feel much more confident in the new profession. It is possible that later you decide to get a second higher education, but for the beginning, you can be content with such a course of things.

The form and even the contents of the cover letter to the resume raises a lot of questions. Do not panic, cover letter proofreaders work for you! The job search, of course, should begin with a resume. In addition, here it is necessary to show the wit: the resume of the applicant for a post of the PR-manager, where only the experience of the teacher of history is described, will immediately go to the basket. Therefore, make your resume so that it is clear why it is profitable for an employer to hire you. Perhaps, working as a history teacher at the school, you organized an event that was interested not only for schoolchildren but also for the press. Have you already tried your hand at volunteering a charity event, or maybe you graduated from a three-month PR-specialist course in a major university? This is what should be emphasized. There are many companies that prefer to get professionally written resumes from the applicants. You may always ask our cover letter editor to make your cover letter shine.

At the interview, be prepared to answer the "slippery" questions of recruiters about the reasons for your departure from the previous profession. Be frank, do not be afraid to look like a loser: if you are invited for an interview, then consider as a potential employee. The fact that you have found the strength to change your profession already characterizes you as an active person with high internal motivation. However, be prepared to lower your salary claims: while you are a beginner, you will earn less. Nevertheless, after a year of work you can count on a completely market-based salary.

Do not forget about the service to write your cover letter, as that is the quick and professional settlement of all your troubles concerning the documents building and editing. To be sure, your resume and cover letter are written in the best possible way, order the professional service at

We believe in your potential and desires! Good luck in acquiring a new profession!

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