How To Show Up During The Group Interview


Everyone who gets a job, probably heard about the method of group interview. This is not an easy task and many people are scared. Honestly, I do not understand why most people are afraid to show their knowledge to the public. Companies, on the contrary, are more and more inclined to conduct group interviews. Firstly, it saves a lot of their time, and secondly, in the crowd it is often visible who is who. Even if you came for an interview and then suddenly realized that in the office you are not ...Continue reading

Tips On Winning Phone Interview


Every person has a period in the life when he/she needs to get a job. And here you can not do without a properly written resume and without several interviews. Our best resume service has been successfully developing resumes and writing cover letters for many years. You will not regret if you ask for help.You sent out all the CVs and covering letters, and you’re eagerly awaiting proposals for work. Be prepared for the fact that representatives of different companies will not invite you ...Continue reading

How To Gain Respect At Work


Some people say that a new job is a new life. This is really so, because we spend most of our time at our job. Therefore, it is very important quickly deserve the respect of employees. And this is not quite easy, because respect is not given simply because it needs to be earned. The task of each newcomer is to behave in a way that in the near future feel comfortable among employees, and it is better to become an informal leader. Do you think this is unreal? But resume services online know some ...Continue reading

Effective Tips How To Be Better At Your Job Now


After graduation, each person needs to get a job. In later life, the work will take about 70-80% of your time. And most people need to live with this fact. But since we are almost always in the performance of duties, we should take care to become the best at our work, the best in the team, the best specialist. Believe me, this is worth all the efforts. You can work in one company for many years and at the same time remain an ordinary and unnoticed employee, and you can literally within six Continue reading

Radical Job Change: What To Begin With


Create yourself anew: what to begin with to change your life Our online resume service presents you very simple, useful and honest instructions from a programmer, investor and businessman James Altusher for those who want to change the sphere of activity radically, but do not know what to begin with. Here is the thing: James Altusher was bankrupt for several times, returned to life for several times, he had to “rebuild himself” again and again. He looked for new workplaces and Continue reading

How To Find A Job That You Will Love


If you do not admire your job, you like it less and less, probably you think of how to change the situation. However, it is really hard to find a work of a dream on modern labour market. Sometimes we feel that we do not do what we should do. Work does not bring us pleasure and we want changes, we want to change radically the field of activity and have a job that we really like. How to make this step? Where to get necessary experience? How to integrate into a new profession and how to start the Continue reading

Top 5 Types Of Employers


Define the type of your employer and learn how to work with it. Or find yourself and your own type. What are you: producer of result, administrator, integrator, or entrepreneur? An expert in the field of the efficiency of enterprises improving Dr. Ichak Adizes for 35 years already studies the largest world's corporations. Despite the difference in politics, culture, education all the employers face the same kinds of problems. Employees are not satisfied with their employer, because he demands Continue reading

An Ideal Candidate: Whom Employers Look For


Job search process becomes more and more complicated for job seekers every day. Requirements for potential workers become higher and tougher. Candidates often can not understand what employers want and look for. The labor market constantly changes, and consequently requirements for future employees change all the time as well. To stand out from the whole flow of job seekers you need to understand what kind of a person employers consider a perfect candidate. Our resume writing service tries to Continue reading

Top 10 Thoughts That Prevent From Finding Your Calling


Do you still can not find your calling, meaning of life and in general understand what you want from your career and life? Maybe you have even tried and tried for many times, but nothing works out. Of course, you are not lonely. A lot of people face the same problem. And very often we inhibit ourselves on this way. In most cases obstacles and barrier are inside you. This is something you decided to believe in. In this post on thoughts that prevent from finding your calling experts of our Continue reading

10 Reasons Why You Will Never Do Something Great


This post on why you will never do something great will give you a slap and make you wake up and cheer up. Experts of our online resume service will tell you something you will never be taught. We are going to tell you about something that will make you go beyond the ordinary existence. For example, how to move away from your parents, to quit a job, to send it all to hell and to do at least something. Experience that you gain in real life goes beyond our educational system. Such necessary in Continue reading