What Job Seekers’ Actions Annoy HR-Managers


What actions and qualities of candidates put recruiters out of temper and how to behave not to become the object of irritation our resume service will tell you in this post on why job seekers irritate HR managers. A person who looks for a job comes to an interview with a firm intention to make positive impression on a recruiter. However, usually it happens vise versa. Job seekers every time make the same mistakes that are so much irritating that they risk to hear: “We are sorry, but you Continue reading

The Impact Of Social Networks On Career


Do you want to find a job of your dream or to lure away a professional to your company? Have you ever entered your name into a search system? Does it give the expected results? Most people except the real life try to also lead a virtual life, the number of registered accounts is growing every day. However, the fact of how much the virtual life matches the real is important not only for the subscribers, but also for the potential employers and job seekers. Social networks are an auxiliary tool Continue reading

How To Remind About Yourself After Interview


How to remind politely about yourself after an interview, without having spoiled the general impression? Or resume writing service knows the answer to this and other questions and is going to share them with you in this remind about yourself after interview post. “Thank you. We will call you back” – usually with this very phrase each interview ends for most candidates. What should you do not to let this phrase be the last one and to make an interviewer inform you about the Continue reading

Little Things That Make Job Search Harder


In a highly competitive job market, job seekers need to be very careful not to reduce their chances to be employed. When an employer has a big list of candidates, any little thing may easily remove you from the list. Not to let this happen, our resume service gives advice on what should be taken into consideration when you look for a job. So read this post on job search and you will learn what actions you need to avoid not to make the work search process more difficult that it is. 1. Say your Continue reading

How To Fight The Consequences Of Hard Work


Overwork lead to a great number of problems physical as well as psychological. Each person finds his own explanations of such a situation: good company, high salary and so on. However, the most interesting job can hardly be more interesting than your own psychological state, and it is absolutely impossible to create the cash equivalent of your health. We are talking about the main problems that follow the excessive working time and our resume writers, who provide professional resume services, Continue reading

5 Signs That It Is Time To Change Your Job


A lot of people are very often dissatisfied with the work they have. Negative can be caused by different factors, and these factors are very individual. Local resume writers of our website are trying to figure out and share with you the main signs of the fact that it is time to change job. We present you this time to change job post so that you stop wasting your time and forces. 1. They do not appreciate you If your work remains unnoticed, your suggestions on improvement of working Continue reading

How To Become A Good Employer And Lead People


How to become a good leader and make people follow you An ability to get along with people is a quality that should have each leader. It is much more important than any other skill. Most employers sooner or later realize that manager, who knows how to get along with people is a kind of person, whom they what to give promotion. You can buy time of an employee, you can buy his physical presence during certain time in the office, you can even buy the number of professional muscle movements per Continue reading

Signs Of A Good And Bad Employer


5 signs of a perfect employer Do you believe that perfect employers do not exist in real world? In this case our post on signs of a good employer, which is prepared by experts of our resume writing service, is just for you! Only that person deserved the title “perfect boss”, who follows these five principles organizing his work. Not everyone is able to manage a team, whatever big and professional it is. Professionals of our resume writing service online have analyzed the Continue reading

15 Signs That You Work For A Bad Employer


There are several warning signs that you work for a bad employer. If you understand that your employer has most of the signs, probably you should change your workplace. But you need to be careful and honest with yourself, it may turn out that a problem is in you. Our professional resume service publishes for you this post on how to expose bad employer, in which our specialists share tips on how to realize that you probably work for a wrong person. In our life there are always subordinate Continue reading

You Are Going To Be Fired: How To Defuse The Situation


If you start noticing the signals that you may be fired, doing nothing in such situation is the worst thing that can be only imagined. Alison Green, expert psychologist on staff gives advice on how to act in such situations, and our resume writing service publishes these tips for you in our post on how to save your job. Overstep your pride Throw aside your hurt “Ego”. Of course, you will want to defend against criticism. However, focusing on an idea of defense or on a thought Continue reading