Successful And Failing Interview: Main Signs


5 signs of a failing interviewMany jobseekers face such situations when after an interview they have to wait for its result for a long time. Sometimes during the waiting period they lose other “spare” options of employment because of uncertainty. However, the result of an interview can be predicted.Let’s imagine that you have passed the interview and now you are waiting for a phone call for almost a week. Your candidacy might have been rejected at once, but you were not ...Continue reading

How To Write An Attractive Cover Letter


How to attract attention with the help of cover letterDo you want to get a good job but competition for the vacancy is too high? Do not you know how to stand out among numerous competitors effectively? The answer is quite simple: write a cover letter or use our cover letter writing service.There are so many posts on cover letter writing already created, this issue is much discussed. However, as practice shows, many jobseekers either do not use this useful tool at all, or use it incorrectly ...Continue reading

How To Avoid Mistakes In Cover Letter Writing


Common mistakes in cover letter writingHow much is a cover letter to a resume important for an HR manager, and what exactly should this letter be to increase your chances to get positive reaction?Many jobseekers underestimate the power of cover letter and thus they are left behind those candidates, who increase their chances for employment with the help of the letter. Our resume service online has collected and now publishes for you the advice of HR experts, who have worked in many big ...Continue reading

Tips On How To Save A Failing Interview


How to save a failing interviewFailures during an interview can get in the way to desired job. Have you been invited for an interview? And nothing has happened after it? Well, it means you should try to fix the mistakes you probably make. By the way, if you need to fix your resume, you can use our resume fixing service. What to do if you are sure you have “stumbled” at the interview? First of all, pull yourself up, collect your faculties and try to save the situation if yiu are ...Continue reading

5 Misconceptions About Job Search


Do you want to find a job? If yes, then you should know what you should never do searching for a work and what misconceptions can prevent you from successful employment. What does not allow you to find o job? A fear that there are more professional candidates? A belief that you can get a job only if you have “right relationships and contacts”? Fortunately, all the above mentioned facts are misconceptions. That is why we decided to write post on misconceptions about work search. And ...Continue reading

15 Useful Tips How To Leave Your Job On Good Terms


You clearly realize that you want to quit your job? Anyway it does not mean that now it is high time to express all the negative feelings you have and burn your bridges. If you do it, you will harm yourself. In this post on useful tips how to quit a job on good terms we are going to give you some pieces of advice how to quit a job and not to harm yourself or your company, how to keep good relationships with your boss and colleagues. If you find this post useful, you will probably like other Continue reading

Reasons Introverts Are Less Lucky To Get A New Job


From the very childhood we are told that people become happy and successful when they are communicative, risky and even impudent. In this reasons introverts are less lucky to get a new job post we will try to figure out how introverts can adapt to the society and the world in general where everything is created for the comfort of extraverts. For more interesting resumes visit our website.  Who are extraverts and introverts? Carl Jung used to say that absolute extravert or introvert is a Continue reading

These Jobs Can Extinct On A Short-Term Horizon


We live in a constantly changing world. So there is nothing weird in the fact that many things that used to seem strange and fantastic yesterday became common today. More and more professions and occupations become automated; machines perform work instead of people. The market economy requires efficiency, that is why the owners of companies and shops replace people with machines, which should not be paid and which are not tend to make mistakes. In some time workers will have to get higher Continue reading

Working Multiple Jobs: Pros And Cons


Low income and free time often make an employee search for another job. Besides, hunting the freedom, many workers start to refuse from stable eight hour schedule, giving preference to part-time day in several organizations. In this working multiple jobs post  we will tell you about how to have a couple of jobs and also discuss pros and cons of working multiple jobs. If you need to write resume, you can order it on our website. Our team of professional writer will help you and our Continue reading

20 Occupations That No Longer Exist In Our Modern World


Previously we discussed remote jobs. Now we are going to present you post about occupations that does not exist today. Our world develops constantly and it happens that there is no longer need in some professions. Human labour is replaced by machines, and certain kinds of professions stop existing at all. In our post on occupations that no longer exist in our modern world we will remember and remind you what professions have disappeared. I believe this postabout professions that no longer Continue reading