10 Interview Questions That Can Deceive You


Experienced and smart HR experts can get much information from you making correct questions. Our resume writers service tells you how to answer these questions. The questions are spread from interview to interview. They seem simple, however they help to discover information that a candidate may try to hide or leave unsaid. In other words, these questions are made to deceive you. So this is what we are going to speak about in this poston interview questions that can deceive you.HR experts say ...Continue reading

Things That Employers Never Tell Employees


10 things that employers never tell their employeesEmployees often consider their employers greedy, soulless and heartless wise guys, but the most terrible features of the bosses are necessary sometimes. One of the best professional resume services presents you ten confessions that business owners would like to tell their teams but they can not. Employees and employers do not know a lot of things about each other. According to the business experts, these are the confessions that business ...Continue reading

How To Explain Break In Experience At The Interview


Why employers question in detail about the breaks in work experience, also how and why you should explain them correctly we will tell you in this post on break in work experience.A break in work experience is a common situation of many employees. If you have it, then a question about the reasons of break will be definitely asked, that is why it is better to prepare the answer in advance. To understand clearly what this answer should be, except the fact that it should be honest, our ...Continue reading

Lies In The Resume And The Interview


Everyone knows that it is wrong to lie. However, sometimes the circumstances are such that a jobseeker seems has to do this. So there is a question whether all the means are good for the employment. In this post on lies in the resume and the interview our resume service will try to answer this question. According to the survey 50% of jobseekers had to tell lies at the interview. So why does it happen and what can it lead to?This post about resume and interview lying does not encourage you to ...Continue reading

What Employers Expect From Candidates During The Interview


           Are you looking for a new jog or just going to look for it? Well, it is obvious you will not avoid interviews. To help you with the interview passing our resume writing service presents you 9 actions that employers expect from all the candidates during the interview and after it. So read this post on what employers expect from candidates during the interview to know how to behave. Specialists of our professional resume maker will help you to get well Continue reading

8 Habits Of Successful People


Many successful people have the same or similar life positions and philosophy. Besides they also have the same habits. Jeff Haden is the author of more than 30 successful business books and also popular articles such as “10 Things Bosses Never Tell Employees”, “7 Things Employees Never Say to Their Bosses (But Should)”, “5 Questions Great Job Candidates Ask” and many others. He made a list of useful habits of successful people, which he knows personally. Our Continue reading

10 Body Language Tricks Of Successful People


             Certified professional resume writers publish for you the methods of control of the secret body signals in working communication, which successful people use often. There are so many posts on body language already written, so many movies, TV series, books and so on tell about body language. It seems that everything possible about this issue is already said and shown. However, according to the researches among the more than one million people Continue reading

Rules Of Self-Presentation At The Interview


              The rules of self-presentation Many jobseekers are afraid of the interviews. This is a really important moment in the job search process. Also this is a great opportunity to show your best qualities and make positive impression. Our resume service, which is by the way one of the best professional resume writing services on the Internet, has prepared for your simple rules of self-presentation, which will help you to present yourself in the right Continue reading

How To Get A Job Without Necessary Education


Not always we manage to find or have a desire to work according to the specialty written in our diploma. However, it happens that education not only does not match the vacancy, sometimes there is no education at all. So how to be successfully employed in such situations? You will read about this in our post on how to get a job without necessary education.Getting education we also hope to get a ticket to a brighter future, i.e. to get a good job. However, not always our expectations come true, ...Continue reading

How To Turn Professional Weakness Into Benefits


Are you beginning professional career or radically changing the sphere of activity? Do not be afraid of your weaknesses, because they can help your career. Presenting this post on turning weaknesses into benefits, our resume writing service will teach you how to use your professional weaknesses to benefit yourself.Many professional weaknesses can be turned into benefits. The most important thing is to understand how to present them to your potential employers. Resume writers online give useful ...Continue reading