How To Get A Job Without Necessary Education


How To Get A JobNot always we manage to find or have a desire to work according to the specialty written in our diploma. However, it happens that education not only does not match the vacancy, sometimes there is no education at all. So how to be successfully employed in such situations? You will read about this in our post on how to get a job without necessary education.

Getting education we also hope to get a ticket to a brighter future, i.e. to get a good job. However, not always our expectations come true, and it becomes difficult to find a job according to your education. Moreover, some jobseekers do not even have this “ticket” – education. Best online resume service has prepared for you 6 tips that will help you to get a work with an inappropriate for a vacancy education, as well as with the complete absence of education.

Be a worker who is able to solve problems

Many graduates have read many books and absorbed all the theoretical part, but it does not mean that they know how to apply the knowledge into practice. A good worker is the one who knows who to solve the work problems, and not just the ways of their solution. Show that you are a professional, who is really able to solve the problems, give example from you professional and personal life. It will help to compete with those candidates who have diploma. Many issues are met in different spheres and have general common features and principles. That is why if your education does not match the vacancy, this method will be useful as well.

Education is just one point among the possible achievements

It is easier to get diploma than to become a good specialist. If you are able to do your work well, then you should learn how to speak about it. No one will make it instead of you. A good self-presentation with the valuable achievements demonstration is an excellent way to prove to the employer that you will cope with the duties you will have.

Tell how you achieve results

Everyone can make himself professional on his own and can do the work well regardless of the diploma. Tell your employer what you have already achieved, what you have learnt by yourself, what way you have already passed, what you do to become better every day.

Learn during your lifetime

The lack of higher education can always be compensated with different trainings, courses, appropriate specialized literature studying and so on. Such an education combined with correct approach can give even better results than five years of studying at the university. You should also remember that knowledge has such a feature as to become outdated, so you have to study during the whole life. Keep yourself in shape, and in this case your candidacy will stand out from the candidates with a specialized education, but outdated knowledge.

Do not consider education a priority

Do not become obsess about the disparity or the lack of education. If you give too much importance to this issue, then it will really become a problem. Focus on your experience, achievements and knowledge. The companies need specialists, who are able to implement the work, the most important thing for them is to achieve their goals.

Prepare several stories about success

Prepare for the interview a couple of bright examples of how you have successfully solved the problems and handled difficult issues. Life stories will greatly characterize you as a specialist. Employer will know what you can do and that you are worth trust and company may rely on you. According to the social poll more than 65% of employers appreciate more experience and skills of the candidates than their education. And always remember about the importance of presenting yourself in a good light at the interview. Even if there is something that can prevent you from getting a job, for example, absence of necessary education, having learnt some rules of interview passing, you will manage to convince your potential employer that you are the one they look for. Win every interview with these tips and get the desired job.

5 tips how to achieve success at work

Everyone wants to make furore in his field of activity. Since the victories in work sphere not only give high income, but also increase the self-esteem of a man.

So how to achieve good results and what principle you should follow so that your businesses add up well? In this post on how to achieve success the specialists of our professional service give you some tips that, we hope, will help you to make progress in your career.

1. Win favor of people around you

At the work place, whether it is a manufacturing, service sector, trade or something else, in most cases toy have to deal with other people. Achieving harmony with the surrounding people is extremely important for successful work. Do not be too much egoistic, learn to be psychologist and in your actions you should take into consideration not only your own interests, but also interests of other people. Such behaviour will help you to gain respect of your colleagues.

And vise versa, contradictions in the collective will cause negative feelings, they will take away your mental and physical strength and distract you from your main activity. In a conflict situation it may be better to make concessions, even if it does not bring you any benefit at first sight. Sooner or later according to the principle of the boomerang, the loyalty of the people around you will come back to you.

Never envy anyone from colleagues. After all, the feeling of envy, according to psychology, is a destructive emotional state. Instead try to improve your efficiency to overtake an opponent.

2. Organize your workplace as much comfortable as possible

Having build relationships with the colleagues, pay attention to your workplace. Try to create such an atmosphere that helps to relax and focus on the work. Maybe, there will be necessary some renovation and repair: change the colour of the wallpapers, lighting, provide sound insulation in the room, purchase  necessary household or office equipment and so on. Your workplace is your second home. Create such conditions that you go to your work with pleasant feelings. Positive emotional state caused by the workplace convenience will increase your efficiency.

3. Be motivated and hardworking

Do not be afraid of so-called “dirty work”. Many great people before becoming famous worked really hard. As the saying goes: “a rolling stone gathers no moss”.

Not everyone is born with much luck. Most people have to achieve their goals with the help of hard work and persistence. If something you started failed the first time, do not despair and never allow a thought that you are a loser. People say “better luck next time”. The meaning of this proverb is that the first time is rarely turns out well. You should repeat your attempt (if it is worth it, of course), but consider the mistake you have made the first time. Anyway, the one who does no mistakes does nothing at all.

4. Instead of self-advertising increase you professionalism

Some workers try to show their employers how much capable they are, or they always make hints at their promotion, increase in wages and so on. However, such carryings-on usually irritate the employer and do not contribute to the career growth.

On the other hand, if employer sees that an employee successfully develops at his position, grows professionally and reaches a new bar in his skills, then employer will naturally be glad to give you promotion or increase your salary.

5. Maximum clearly understand the final result of your work

Before starting to do any task or project, try to imagine what you will get in result. Do not work for the sake of work. You should strive for high efficiency. Learn to predict and divine. Using you logical mind try to imagine what result of a business you begin you will get, and what consequences it will lead to. In some cases such an approach helps to save time and avoid making mistakes. For example, if a project is initially not very prosperous undertaking, then it is not worth to start it and waste your efforts on it.