10 Body Language Tricks Of Successful People



Certified professional resume writers publish for you the methods of control of the secret body signals in working communication, which successful people use often.

There are so many posts on body language already written, so many movies, TV series, books and so on tell about body language. It seems that everything possible about this issue is already said and shown. However, according to the researches among the more than one million people surveyed only the most productive individuals control their body movements.

So now we are going to present you the list called “Successful people almost always do this”, and your task is to give an honest answer to the question: do you just know about these points or you also use them? In this post on body language tricks of successful people you will learn what you should do and how to behave if you want to be considered one of the successful people. Let’s begin. Successful people:

1. Keep a straight posture

Our brain equates the power and the amount of space, which a man occupies. Standing straight, even having slightly bent shoulders back, we demonstrate the posture of power and visually occupy more space. When a person slouches, he occupies less space and demonstrates uncertainty.

If you sit, you will look more confident if you put your feet flat on the floor, raise your hands wide and lay out your things, if you have such an opportunity, to occupy as much space as possible.

2. Do not overuse gestures

Increased gestures show that you either delay with the truth, or try to hide something. Confident people do not use many gestures, and at the same time they use open gestures, which tell that there is nothing to hide. The most common among them are open palms and the favourite posture of Steve Jobs called “pyramid” (touch fingertips of one hand the fingertips of the other hand without pressing the palms to one another).

3. They talk on the lower level of their vocal range

At the workplace the qualitative characteristics of your voice can become a decisive factor of how people accept and treat you. Those people, whose voices sound high, look less sensitive, more weak and nervous comparing with those, whose voices sound lower.

Try to emphasize the important moments by the lowering the tone of voice. Speech therapists teach a simple method of the tone of voice lowering: compress your lips and say “ahm ham, ahm ham, ahm ham”. It will relax your vocal cords and lower your voice to the optimal height.

4. Are attentive to their interlocutor

Whomever you talk to, looking at your watches is an obvious sign of disrespect, impatience and demonstration of the fact that you have something more important to do. The same is applied to the body posture: turning away your body from the interlocutors is the same as to show indifference or distrust. To show that you are attentive interlocutor you should turn your body to the one who talks and slightly lean your head.

5. Do not cross their arms or legs, do not clench their fists

It seems that this is the most common rule of the body language. If you want other people perceive you as an open, confident and interested person, do not cross your arms and feet, do not build physical barriers.

Clenched fists, as well as crossed arms and legs, mean that you have taken a defensive posture and there is something you want to hide.

6. Correlate their movements with actions

The correspondence between your words with facial expression and your movements always gives an opportunity to feel how much sincere you are. When we are nervous or tense, we try to relax with the help of non-verbal actions: rub our hands, drum our fingers on the table, smile nervously, keep tugging the accessories, constantly touch the face or hair, and fidget. And when we do all this, we deprive our words credibility. Meanwhile stillness demonstrates calm and confidence.

7. Keep eye contact

Steady eye contact shows confidence, leadership, power and intelligence. You should keep your sight at one and the same level if you talk about something important. For example, looking away down you make a hint at the lack of confidence and shyness. Thus all your words lose their power.

In general visual contact during the conversation should be kept 50-60% of the overall time. If you have caught the look of your interlocutor, it is recommended to keep it 7-10 seconds longer when you listen, than when you talk. Here is an easy way to keep the eye contact at the meeting: during the greeting look in the eyes of the interlocutor as long until you distinguish their colour.

8. Smile a lot

Smile implies that you are an open, reliable, friendly and self-confident person. Human mind reacts positively to people who often smile. And there is more, we memorize better those people, who smile.

Frowning you show that you are upset with what is going on and also you judge and criticize. Having smiled, you will probably provoke a smile in response and make better the emotional state of your interlocutor.

9. Use the correct handshake

A weak handshake is a sign of uncertainty and at the same time to strong handshake may be considered as aggression. Adapt your handshake for each person and situation, but be sure that your handshake is always confident.

Right handshake is important for any specialist and especially for women, whose self-confidence is evaluated by the handshake more often comparing with men.

10. Keep distance

If you stand too close to the interlocutor (close than 40 cm), it means you neglect his personal space and put in an awkward position your interlocutor. It is better not to break this rule, especially at the first meetings.

Our resume writing service is sure that keeping in mind the body language and using its tricks every day in your work is quite useful in combination with other habits of successful people. They will help you to build good business relationships, attract more attention to your ideas and succeed in your businesses. Also remember that successful people begin with competently written resume. For this purpose use online resume writing services, where professional resume writers will do their best to create an excellent resume for you. Thus you will have more chances for success.