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Nowadays more and more people address the best CV writing services in order to find the job they are looking for. It seems to be not complicated to put into words your life and work experience. At the same time, there is a huge gap between the resume written by professionals and those written by the amateurs. A perfectly done resume is the one that has a lot of feedback and invitations to the interview. If you think that, the resume is written correctly but no one invited you to the interview, such a resume did not reach its main goal and needs improvement. Writing services offer resume revision help for free and you may find your strong and weak sides in your CV.

Today we want to explain how high quality cheap resume services help to write a resume, how they work. You will find out if one can get a consultation for free, the most common mistakes of job seekers. In addition, we will talk about the guarantees and ethical issues related to the resume.

How it works

It helps applicants in the design and compilation of the resume, it advises on how to find work effectively, how to behave properly when contacting the employer.

  •  Is every service paid?

There is both a commercial and a social component of the project. There are experienced HR-managers, an interpreter, and SMM-manager among the writers. The social part is a free consultation on how the resume looks at this stage, how it can be optimized, what salary the client can expect and how to behave in the interview with his/ her introductory data. A customer can make all the changes him/ herself or can contact us for help, that we will provide within 24 hours:  

  • What differentiates your service?

The most important thing to pay attention to is an individual approach to each client, that is, each professional resume is unique. As for the technical work on the CV, it is:

  • drawing up a professional resume
  • editing and proofreading of the existing resume
  • only professional resume writers
  • always timely delivery
  • affordable prices

For students or people with a minimum of work experience, there is a wide system of discounts.

  •  What do you mean by "professional resume"?

We can make a technical resume, according to a clear customer order. We can also make a professional resume that would correspond to the inner will and temperament of a person. This helps to rethink the question of choosing a profession. When not everything is completely clear, there is a good way to clarify the situation.

After the appeal, any client can receive 3 questions from the pro cheap resume writing service and lives with them a day:

  • whom did you dream to become in your childhood
  • 3 jobs that you like now, and it does not matter whether they are related to your current activities or not
  • a question that is often asked in interviews, but in a personal conversation, it is answered in a completely different way: what would you like to do in 5-10 years

While customers are thinking over the answers, we analyze their resumes, find information about them in open sources and give feedback.

  • Do you take care of all cases?

Hopelessness is determined when working with a client when he/ she does not understand why he/ she is doing it and is not ready to "be treated". There were cases when the parents of the student applied to make a resume. Nevertheless, the client himself did not show any initiative. Such cases are of little interest. At the same time if a person has even slight understanding of the future career our service can be very useful and there are a lot of positive testimonials from our grateful clients.

Common mistakes and frequent clients

  •  Who applies for your services most often?

If we talk about the spheres of activity, it is often the tops or specialists in managerial consulting, sales, marketing. In addition, they are accountants, young HR-managers without sufficient experience. We also have clients with unique knowledge or work experience: agrarians, representatives of state organizations, as well as students and those who do not have the sufficient work experience and there is not much to write about.  There is nothing impossible for the CV writing experts of

  •  Is there a group of applicants who need help from outside in any case?

Yes, it's almost all qualified specialists, top managers and unique employees with a high cost in the market, and those who do not have an understanding of how to look for work, or there is a desire to save time and turn to professionals.

  •  What common mistakes do you meet in your work?

These are really common mistakes, which are constantly spoken about: photos, literacy, mailbox addresses, not necessary information. They happen because people think that it will be so cool. These errors cause a smile in terms of internal communications, but in a real situation can lead to failure. We warn customers about this.

For example: a photo from the vacation, the address of the mailbox of the top manager "cutie1517", the nickname in the social network "superman", the indication of the reason for dismissal, unique posts "candidate for director", a lot of formats and fonts in the resume, no explanation of break during work experience and irrelevant work experience, information in the resume does not correspond to the reality.

Guarantees, feedback, ethics issues

In our team, the professionals help people who know the work of recruiters from the inside. It is like a sales and purchasing department: when you move from one department to another, you become a stronger player. People, who turn to such specialists, become stronger candidates.

  • Do you give guarantees to clients? Can they expect that with such a resume they will receive an invitation for an interview or a job offer on a specific date?

Specific guarantees that you will find a job cannot be obtained from us. We give all the tools to look for work qualitatively. Summary increases the chances of 30-40%, in some cases even more. In other words, we teach you to fish and increase chances. Applicants must understand this.

  • Do you get feedback from customers? What is it?

On the average, according to the statistics of feedback, work is found for 3-5 months of searching.

  • Ethical question: do you provide candidates from the best side, not lying and not assigning positions they did not actually have?

For all the time the greatest resume services online existed, we can guarantee that there is no lie in any issue, there is only the truth in all the written summaries. The question of giving this truth is the level of professionalism. For example, you can say about the level of foreign language "I speak fluently," and you can write, "Level advanced C2". We say the same thing, but the perception is different. For each position and field of activity, certain terms are used that will be understandable and close to a particular recruiter.

  •  When HR reviews the resume, does he/ she think about whether the person made the resume him/ herself or not? Is it simply guided by whether the resume is eye-catching or not?

The recruiters rarely think about this, and why is it necessary?

  • Do you think it makes sense to introduce training to write a resume systematically? In high schools, for example?

There are certain norms and standards in economically developed countries for writing a resume, this is part of the global business culture. Fundamentals and now are laid in some Universities, but the standards are still in the process of development. This will simplify the understanding of young professionals who have just started looking for work, and recruiters and HR managers who are responsible for recruitment.

When dozens and hundreds of people pretend to find the work of your dream, it is important to be visible. Personal charm comes in handy later than the resume, so it is extremely necessary to submit yourself correctly and, if possible, brightly. Check our customers service resume and find the support of the professionals.

Let's be honest: the resume is not the main thing when you get a job. A person with unique experience and competencies will be invited for an interview, even if his/ her resume is written on a napkin. It is another matter, if it's not a category of rare super professionals. Then the chance to meet competitors in the struggle for dream work increases, and the quality of the resume comes to the fore.

What does the employer do when he/ she receives a response?

  •  My resume was not even previewed! Why?

If it is not a question of a narrow or technical specialty, there are often a lot of responses to a vacancy, one hundred per day, and sometimes more. The search for a specialist in a common specialty usually takes 2-3 weeks. Therefore, the chances that your CV will generally be seen are higher if you responded in the first day after the vacancy had appeared. So, it is very important to contact the cv writing professional service beforehand. If you sent a resume on the third day, be prepared for the fact that several candidates already exist and your resume will fall into a long waiting list.

This does not mean that the resume should not be sent. However, it means that when you see the right vacancy that has just appeared, you need to respond immediately, and do not leave a day or two for "thinking". Usually, you simply do not have these days of thinking, while you think; the company is already interviewing other candidates.

  •  The resume was viewed but there is a silence. What is the reason?

In a small company, your resume usually comes to the head. In the large companies, it comes to HR-manager or a recruiter. In both cases, the person who analyzes the resume wants to find the right specialist as soon as possible.

The bottom line is this: a person who is interested in closing a vacancy, reads your letter. You can help him/her. One resume is spent less than five minutes, and taking into consideration that this is not a process of thoughtful reading of the history of each life, it is scanning the text. The reader of your resume does not have the opportunity to reflect on whether your brilliant skills of training crocodiles can help in his/ her segment of wholesales. He/ she has a mountain of resumes, little time and the desire to meet an excellent employee. In such case, it will be much better if you enlist the expert resume assistance at this stage.

There are also CVs that are too good to refuse, but not good enough to be considered without question. They fall into the "postpone" folder. However, frankly, the hands rarely get to the store: after all, there are already people in the leaders' folder and they are waiting for the next stage.

Therefore, the key to success is to think about the reader. Build a bridge between your experience and this job. Help the reader to see that an excellent employee is you. Write the key clues for this work. Yes, it is perfectly natural to use words from the job description in the resume, if they really reflect what you were doing. It is also perfectly normal and even necessary to edit the resume for every vacancy.

Therefore, it is highly recommended contacting the expert resume creator in order to make the employment process easier and less stressful.

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