How To Avoid 5 Strategic Mistakes In A Resume


5 strategic mistakes in a resume of jobseekersDespite the great number of posts on resume mistakes, useful tips and even trainings on resume writing, people who look for a job continue “to reinvent the wheel”. Because of the incorrectly written resume the process of the work search passes more slowly and less successfully. Our executive resume writers have gathered for you 5 strategic mistakes that most jobseekers make. This post about mistakes in a resume will not only help you to ...Continue reading

How To Write A One Million Dollar Resume


One million dollar resume: how to be invited for an interviewEveryone knows that resume is one of the most important elements of the job search process. Resume makes the first impression on an employer about a jobseeker. That is why the question how to write a resume is one of the most essential for any candidate. Your invitation for the interview and employment itself depend on how much responsible and serious you are about the resume writing.How to create a resume?These tips will help ...Continue reading

What To Write In A Resume If There Is Nothing To Write About


Part of a resume that describes the key competencies of a specialist is one of the most important in resume. But what to do if work experience is pretty small?To get a job you need to have experience, but to gain experience you need a job. This ridiculous situation becomes reality for many jobseekers. Especially for the young specialists, former students, who complain that after graduation it is very difficult to find a job. Yes, the task is hard, but professional resume writers say it is ...Continue reading

How To Look For A Job If You Are Employed


How to look for a job if you are employedA lot of jobseekers look for a job being employed. Such an approach is convenient and beneficial in many meanings, although there are nuances. According to statistics about 40% of jobseekers look for a work being already employed. And there is no wonder: people always look for something better. Such a job search is more convenient, but it has some nuances that should be taken into consideration. In this post on job search we will give you useful tips on ...Continue reading

Tips On How To Pass An Interview Successfully


20 life hacks for successful interviewingOur best professional resume writers continue to share tips on resume writing, on how to write cover letter and so on. Now we are going to present you top 20 secrets of winning interview. Basing on the advice of famous and successful HR experts, we want to share with you this post about tips on how to pass an interview successfully.HR managers are often asked to give some useful tips on successful interviewing. However, 5 or even 10 tips are not ...Continue reading

How To Describe Work Experience In A Resume


How to describe correctly work experience in a resumeWork experience is one of the most important characteristics of a jobseeker. Employers pay special attention to this part of a resume. That is why it is extremely important to present them this information in a proper way. In this post on work experience description we will advice you how to write work experience in resume correctly, especially if your experience is not big enough yet or you do not feel confident about it.Your work ...Continue reading

5 Reasons To Update Your Resume


Why you need to actualize your resume data even when the employment issue is already solved you will read in this post on the reasons to update your resume.Many jobseekers forget that resume should be updated time to time. Especially when they have found a job. “Why? – they think. – The goal is already achieved”. However, it is necessary to make changes in this important document, even if you have got a job.One of the best resume services online presents 5 reasons why ...Continue reading

Successful And Failing Interview: Main Signs


5 signs of a failing interviewMany jobseekers face such situations when after an interview they have to wait for its result for a long time. Sometimes during the waiting period they lose other “spare” options of employment because of uncertainty. However, the result of an interview can be predicted.Let’s imagine that you have passed the interview and now you are waiting for a phone call for almost a week. Your candidacy might have been rejected at once, but you were not ...Continue reading

How To Write An Attractive Cover Letter


How to attract attention with the help of cover letterDo you want to get a good job but competition for the vacancy is too high? Do not you know how to stand out among numerous competitors effectively? The answer is quite simple: write a cover letter or use our cover letter writing service.There are so many posts on cover letter writing already created, this issue is much discussed. However, as practice shows, many jobseekers either do not use this useful tool at all, or use it incorrectly ...Continue reading

How To Avoid Mistakes In Cover Letter Writing


Common mistakes in cover letter writingHow much is a cover letter to a resume important for an HR manager, and what exactly should this letter be to increase your chances to get positive reaction?Many jobseekers underestimate the power of cover letter and thus they are left behind those candidates, who increase their chances for employment with the help of the letter. Our resume service online has collected and now publishes for you the advice of HR experts, who have worked in many big ...Continue reading