How To Get Rid Of Chronic Fatigue At Work


Does the only thing that bother you is how to stand eight working hours? Is favourite work no longer pleasant? Probably, this is so called “burnout syndrome”. In this post on how to get rid of chronic fatigue at work our specialists share their best tips on how to fight the overwork and learn to have a real rest, physical as well as emotional. The result is obvious Naturally, constant jobs involving all hands at work, boss, who demands to do something impossible, and eternal Continue reading

When It Is Necessary To Refuse The Offers For A New Job


Are you looking just for a job or for something more? What career goal you have this year? Many people will answer that they want to find or change their workplace. But maybe you should look beyond and try to get more? We spend most of our time at work. Of course, money is the major stimulus that makes us get up early in the morning, stay longer in the office and work on holidays. But is that all what we want, all what we need? Of course, not. A man needs much more to be happy. That is why Continue reading

10 Principles Of An Ideal Daily Routine


How do you spend your morning? How many useful things you do before coming to work? As we have already mentioned, successful people get up earlier, that is why they achieve success in career and business. In this post on ideal daily routine principles our resume service presents some tips on what you need to do in the morning to improve your personal and business life.“Morning should become your best friend”, – claims Jennifer Cohen, expert on increase in labor productivity. ...Continue reading

What To Do If You Are Overtasked


Are you overworked? You do not manage to finish one task and get another two, do you? Do you come back home absolutely exhausted? Well, this is a working rhythm that is familiar to many workers. Let’s try to fix it. Employers always want their employees implement as much tasks as possible. We can understand them. But how to explained that you are overtasked? And explain it in a way to carry your point and not to lose your job. Our service, which provides you with professional resume Continue reading

10 Ways Not To Go Crazy At Work


There is no easy work. And definitely there is no such a work that does not influence you psychologically. We all enjoy success, feel upset with failures, argue with colleagues, get angry and nervous. That is why sometimes it is not easy at all to keep the clarity of mind. What can you do not to become a slave of stress and tension at work? Our creative professional resume service publishes the recommendations of Sharon Miller, psychologist who specializes in the subject of stress, which she Continue reading

7 Important Habits That Will Change Your Life For The Better


What work habits you need to develop To cope better with the tasks, which arise during the working process, you need to develop 5 simple habits. It is not easy to develop them, but they will help you to make your daily work pleasant. Our service presents you post on working habits that will make your life better. Since our website is among best professional resume services, tips given in our post about working habits will be very useful for you, if you follow them thoroughly. One of such Continue reading

How To Keep Up With Everything And Work Less


If you work hard day after day until you lose your consciousness, but still you see that you have to do so much work, it means it is high time to make changes in your life. Here are tips for those who want to make their life easier in this post on how to keep up with everything and work less. Our resume service presents you this productive work post. Having read it, you will manage to increase your productivity greatly. Author of the book “4 hour work week” and one of the most Continue reading

26 Things You Should Do Beginning And Ending Each Workday


13 things you should do beginning each working dayThe first hours of a working day influence greatly the whole day. Here are some tips that will help you to start your work days better to achieve better results. Good beginning of a day has crucial importance for the achievement of good results in work, and in the long term in career. The way you start your work day influences its ending. Useful morning habits and actions will let you spend more effective day, week, month and so on.Our ...Continue reading

22 Highly Productive Work Tips


You do not have time to do your job, don’t you? Do you feel that it is harder to balance between work and personal life? Then you should know how to achieve more and not to become a workaholic. Productive work of an ordinary man is about three of five working days. It is not many, isn’t it? To realize what the reason for inefficient work is, our professional resume editing website publishes tips of Tim Ferris, author of the bestseller “The 4 Hour Workweek”, on how to Continue reading

What To Ask The Recruiter During The Interview


Standard interview script usually ends with the recruiter’s question “Do you have any question to me?”. Here it is important not to make senseless questions, but try to get as much information from the recruiter’s answers as possible. It is always useful to show your employer that you are serious about getting the job. And not only recruiters can make questions with the “double bottom”. However, such questions should be prepared in advance not to ask Continue reading