Anyone Can Be A Leader: Myth Or Truth?


Can any person become a leader? How is success connected with leadership? What is the difference between management and leadership? How to distinguish a pseudo leader from a real leader? Experts of our resume writing service know the answer to these and other questions and they share these answers with you in our post on leadership. Here is a bright example for you. Mahatma Gandhi is an ideologist and leader of the movement for India's independence from Great Britain. Thanks to his Continue reading

Interview Facts You Probably Don't Know


Job interview? As easy as pie! The way you get prepared for the interview and the way you behave influence directly the result. Read our post on interview facts you probably don't know and you will learn how to make an impression of yourself as an employee, whom a company needs, and how to get work. The aim of interview passing is to show that your skills, knowledge and work experience are perfectly suit the requirements of a vacancy. During the interview you need too show that you Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Qualified Candidates Get Refusal


Why highly qualified candidates get refusal Why do candidates who have really high qualification and meet all the requirements of a vacancy get refusal? It seems if a job seeker has enough qualification and work experience for an open position, he will definitely be hired for a job. However, the practice shows that candidates who are “overqualified” (as recruiters call highly qualified job seekers) sometimes look for a job even longer than those who has just start searching. Why Continue reading

What To Do Before Leaving The Company


Have you decided to change your job and find a new one? Or maybe you have already found a new workplace? Or you just want to quit your present job and have already written the letter of resignation, in which you have noticed the date when you are going to leave. Anyway it is too early to relax. Of course, having written the letter of resignation you will no longer feel that you are a part of the team and the company as it was before, but it does not mean that you just should sit on a chair Continue reading

How Not To Become A Corporation Slave


10 life hacks on how not to become a corporation slave and avoid burnout at work A leading HR expert Michael Pritula has prepared detailed instruction on how not to become a slave of a work you do not like. So read our post on how not to become a corporation slave and follow our tips. Michael wrote an article ordered by Microsoft Company, which invited him to hold a discussion club. The burning at work issue seemed the most attractive, and there is no wonder. When a person is sick and tired, Continue reading

5 Jobseeker’s Qualities That Do Not Let Them Find A Job


HR management experts tell about the cases when job search is not successful because of a job seeker. “Job search becomes more complicated just because of the incompetence of HR managers and recruiters” – this is what most job seekers think. Our customer service professional resume website publishes the reasons for failure, when the problem is about the job seekers. In this post on qualities that prevent from finding a job we present you a list of five qualities that cause Continue reading

The Biggest Mistakes In Your Career And How To Fix Them


Three biggest career mistakes and how to fix them You will never have successful career until you make these three mistakes. It is often much more useful to learn what you should not do than to find out dozens of ways to succeed. Sometimes even one mistake can ruin everything. In the harsh and unpredictable labor market the tips on how to achieve success do not change. Wise managers say: “work hard, use opportunities, weigh the risks, follow your passions” and so on. Although, Continue reading

How Recommendations From Previous Jobs Affect Career


Many employers ask recommendations from previous workplaces of a candidate. Our certified professional resume writer service will tell you how they affect candidate’s career in general in this post on previous jobs recommendations. There are three types of recommendations: good, neutral and bad. However, not always they have the influence we want. How employers get recommendations Employers usually use two ways: a) they ask candidates to provide recommendation letters from previous Continue reading

What Job Seekers’ Actions Annoy HR-Managers


What actions and qualities of candidates put recruiters out of temper and how to behave not to become the object of irritation our resume service will tell you in this post on why job seekers irritate HR managers. A person who looks for a job comes to an interview with a firm intention to make positive impression on a recruiter. However, usually it happens vise versa. Job seekers every time make the same mistakes that are so much irritating that they risk to hear: “We are sorry, but you Continue reading

The Impact Of Social Networks On Career


Do you want to find a job of your dream or to lure away a professional to your company? Have you ever entered your name into a search system? Does it give the expected results? Most people except the real life try to also lead a virtual life, the number of registered accounts is growing every day. However, the fact of how much the virtual life matches the real is important not only for the subscribers, but also for the potential employers and job seekers. Social networks are an auxiliary tool Continue reading