Expert Resume Writer Knows What to Do If You Are Fired


Expert resumes builders give the helpful tips on how to stop worrying after being fired.

No one is immune from being fired. After such a departure from work, it is not easy to start looking for a new one. That is why resume creator at a low cost decided to give the assistance and answer the most often questions. How to describe the previous post in the summary, should we mention it at all? What to say in an interview? In addition, most importantly, how to maintain self-confidence? The answers to these questions were prepared by specialists of the resume and cover letter writing services online. What makes our service special?

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Therefore, if you decided to change your working place it is the best solution to hire resume writing service online. Such factors as a low pay and lack of opportunities to develop professionally force people to think about changing the work. At the same time, about 8% of respondents say about such a reason as staff reduction.

Looking for work or better opportunities?

1. Do not rush. Give vent to emotions: sadness, anger, bitterness. Your pride, of course, will be amused if you are invited to another company on the second day. However, let the passions settle, this will save you from the temptation to talk too much about the former leader. That surely will keep your reputation.

2. Analyze past mistakes. For example, if you were fired because of a conflict with the boss or disagreement with the corporate culture, draw conclusions: with which colleagues you work best and in what circumstances so that not to keep making the same mistake. The second option: if the reason for the dismissal was the nature of your character, try to work on yourself during the forced "downtime".

3. Do not hesitate to contact your former colleagues for information on vacancies and recommendations. Even if you had a conflict with one or more of them do not consider the eternal enemies the whole department or the whole company just because they did not slam the door supporting you. Remember, the recommendations affect career greatly.

4. Focus on the positive aspects of the resume. It is necessary to specify the previous place of work, but it is not necessary to emphasize the reasons for leaving. The perfect CV made by experts will help you to open any door.

5. For the interview, prepare a version of what happened, but in no case do not lie and do not speak out negatively about the previous place of work and the former leadership, it's unethical and unprofessional. So make it short and as optimistic as possible. Here you may read more about the possible shortcomings during the interview:

6. Rehearse answers to questions about the dismissal. For example:

"I was fired because of a non-fulfillment of a certain task. However, this situation taught me a lot. If you are now in a similar situation, I would do so ... "

"I could not solve the issue under conditions where only a few can do it"

"At the previous job, my boss and I split our opinions on the development strategy of the company, and one of us had to leave"

 "I worked in company N only six months because I knew in advance about the limited time for the implementation of a certain project. The company faced a number of specific tasks, and I was hired to help deal with them"

"A new investor has come to the company with other ideas about development. I made it clear that dismissal will not be the worst outcome for me and these were the reasons to get fired from work ".

The main thing after the dismissal from the previous place of work is the understanding that this is not the end of a career, but just a new chapter, a new experience. Therefore, the key to success in finding a job is understanding your goals, self-confidence and a proactive position.

Job search is also a job, and your professionalism will depend on the result. During the lifetime each person often has to look for work. It can be the search for

1 the first job, during training (practice, internship, part-time work), after graduation from school and other educational institutions. It may seem the most difficult to build a resume if there is actually nothing to write about. Be sure, if you contact the professionals, your resume will be safe and sound:

2 an equivalent position, for example, if you change your residence, after reducing the number of staff in the company, looking for work closer to home, etc.

3 promotion in the post, after additional training, internships, advanced training, etc.

4 change of activities, acquisition of another profession (retraining), change of the schedule of work.

5 demotion (downshifting), for example, leaving a business or stressful work, a person gets more time for the hobbies or for a family.

6 additional earnings, part-time work, freelance, or popular remote jobs.

Job search requires maximum effort from candidates, especially during a crisis, when competition in the labor market increases significantly. Practice shows that few people are good at all methods and means for successful employment. Do not despair, remember the following rules:

  • crisis is a temporary phenomenon, but occurs regularly;
  • there must be an upsurge for any crisis necessarily;
  • the most important thing in the crisis is not to succumb to mass psychosis!

Any crisis is an opportunity for a powerful leap in personal development. When we overcome difficulties, we always grow.

A person can realize the most insane idea, for this, you need to know and follow the rules of the game. It is worth changing your thinking and life responds appropriately to these changes. This is explained simply: when our thinking changes, we begin to behave more constructively, become more self-confident, more harmonious, and as a result, our whole life changes for the better.

Famous proverb said: "Teach a man to fish, and he will be full all his life."

We will teach you the technology of a successful job search and, applying it, you will be full of energy and confident in yourself always, even in times of crisis.

The executive resume writing service online provides an opportunity not only to develop and implement a strategy for finding work for oneself, but also to help people to navigate the modern labor market, to write a resume, cover letter, prepare for a meeting with the employer and to undergo psychological testing, and avoid mistakes when applying for a job.

The whole process of job search can be divided into three main stages:

1. Preparatory:

  • Defining the objectives of a job search
  • The choice of the optimal type of activity in accordance with the person’s own capabilities and resources (personality psycho-type, education, work experience)
  • Collection and analysis of information on the labor market
  • Selection of job search sources
  • Drawing up of CVs and cover letters, getting recommendations from past jobs

How to identify the desired post in a resume? Employers pay attention first to the resume field "Desired position". That is a type of your resume "headline", the pith of the data it contains. Try not to expect that the human resources specialists themselves will figure out what is the best way to apply your abilities: a recruiter won’t read your work biography details in order to find a suitable position for you. A resume with an unmarked or incomprehensibly marked desired position will be sent to the basket. No options! To avoid such obvious errors contact the resume writing website by experts and be sure that your resume is read and understood in the right way.

  • Preparing for an interview: a telephone conversation with a representative of the employer company, determining the date and time of the interview, psychological mood, appearance and accessories

2. Active:

3. Final:

  • Receiving a response: refusal / invitation to work
  • Actions in case of absence of the employer's reply
  • Decision-making
  • Registration for work
  • Passage of the test period

Consider the typical mistakes that can be made by filling this field.

The specialist has the too broad profile

Avoid too general and uninformative language. "Manager", "Employee", "Specialist", all these are empty words that do not inform the employer. The recruiter will not waste time guessing, he/she will invite candidates who indicated the clear desired positions for an interview. For example, "PR Manager", "Security Officer", "Information Security Specialist", such wording may attract the attention of the employer who is looking for the appropriate personnel.

Ready for anything

Another mistake, peculiar first of all to inexperienced job seekers, is phrases like "Any work", "I will consider different offers", "At home". What does the recruiter see when receiving such a resume? He understands your message this way: "We need money, ready for any unskilled work. I do not know how to do one thing well and I do not want to study." Will someone respond to such an announcement? No, there are no chances to get an invitation for an interview with an adequate employer. The basic customer service resume online will help you with the right wording and make your resume outstanding and easy to read.


"Janitor, designer, director", "Accountant, secretary, dancer", such filling of the field "Desired position" is also unacceptable. Too different spheres of activity are listed in the same row. Of course, being a harmoniously developed personality is good. However, such a universality only scares the employers. Therefore, if your main goal is to become an accountant, but you are ready to consider the secretary's vacancies, it is better to have two resumes, "Accountant" and "Secretary", and send them to the positions of interest to you.

However, you can call synonymous positions in the field "Wanted position". "Journalist, author of articles", "Accountant, cashier", "Secretary, assistant manager" are quite acceptable options. Many people prefer to address the best resume proofreading service to be sure of the high quality of the papers they need for finding the new place of work.

"Clerk" or "Administrative work"?

Try not to confuse the name of position with the industry in the job directory. You cannot write "Marketing", "Advertising" or "Administrative work" in the field "Desired position". This will lead a recruiter into perplexity: what would you like to do exactly in the sphere of marketing? Change the general name of the industry to a particular position, for example, "Advertising Manager", "Clerk", etc.

"I am just learning…"

One more error that is peculiar to young applicants in the field "Desired position", they often write "Student" or "Trainee". Certainly, to designate the detail that you are still only looking for a job is useful. However, it is important for the manager to know which specialty you would like to work for. Write: "Programmer-trainee" and assign a resume.

The correct wording of the desired position in the resume is the most important condition for successful employment. Check, without delay, what is written in your "Desired position" field and whether it is filled at all. You can formulate your goal as clearly as possible. Your path to the dream job will become much shorter.

There are many nuances one should take into consideration while preparing the resumes, cover letters or CV. Do not hesitate to contact the professional low-cost resume writing companies and make the difficult times easier.

Good luck with finding work!

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