7 Habits Due To Which You Can Be Fired


Ask yourself why your career develops so slowly or why you do not get any bonus. Probably, this is your own fault, and mistakes, which you make, can even lead to dismissal.

Labour market is a living organism and it constantly develops. We all need to adjust to its rhythm, and if we do not do it, we increase our chances to be thrown away. Not to let this happen you need to change your approaches to work, follow the tendencies and change your habits. Our resume creator service has prepared for you a list of 7 habits that can cost you your work. We present you this post on habits due to which you can be fired. Read it attentively not to make unrecoverable errors.

1. You are not talking about your success

You can perfectly fulfill your duties and achieve great results, but if no one knows about it, a chance to increase your reputation, get bonus or improve your positions in general will be extremely small. Let your employer know about your achievements. Otherwise, in difficult times when there will be the need to reduce staff, you can be dismissed, because your employer does not even imagine how much he loses firing you.

2. You take hasty decisions

There is no place for impulsive decisions in work. You should not write at once an application for dismissal if your boss has hurt you somehow. Also you should not accept the first job offer you get. And in the work process do not do something without having thought it over thoroughly. What consequences might be? What can be done differently? Good solutions are seldom made in few first seconds.

3. You are not persistent enough

Do you think it is better not to attract too much attention? However, passive attitude more harms career than helps it. Do you think that someone’s decision is wrong? Do you believe that it is better to act in other way? Do you think you deserve increase in wages? Do not keep everything in yourself and do not try to stay aside unnoticed. If you never improved any part of the project, which seemed not good enough to you or you never expressed your reasoned opinion on some issue, but you just neglect everything and try not to attract attention to your personality, then there is a logical question: what use do you bring to a company?

4. You have too much negative attitude to everything

If you constantly complain about the new tasks, if you are not satisfied with the current projects, company politics and with the fact that the system administrator does not come for too long to set up your e-mail, you create unpleasant impression on people who surround you. If it is not comfortable to work with you, then you can say good bye to your position in a company.

5. You are lying

If you get caught in a lie, even if it is not big and it can not be proven by 100%, it will be very hard to trust you and also it will be extremely hard to gain trust again. You can be absolutely honest during the next three years, but no one will forget that very lie.

6. You are chronically disorganized

People always pay attention to what you do and how you do it. If you say that something will be ready till tomorrow afternoon, then it has to be ready till tomorrow afternoon. If you know that you will not manage to do it in time, then you should not give empty promises. You can build your reputation for a long time, but you can lose it very quickly. No one needs disorganized and disorderly workers.

7. You are not accepting new technologies

You can feel comfortable with the knowledge you already have, and you do not feel the need to use new technologies or you even ignore them consciously. However, new technology can facilitate your work and make it more productive. Colleagues, who are not afraid to learn something new and use it, will always be ahead of you. For example, do not make other people bring you necessary papers, if you can get them by email. Otherwise, your employer will think whether he needs such a worker as you.

How to define that you are going to be fired

Unfortunately, people leave their workplace not always of their own volition. But this employer’s decision is rarely spontaneous. That is why there is an opportunity to make further career plans or prevent such situation.

The unexpected news of the dismissal will confound anyone. The suddenness of this situation will push you to make hasty decisions, about which you will probably be sorry later. That is why if you face dismissal, it is better to get known about it beforehand. Of course, no one will tell you about it directly. Since our resume service is among best professional resume writing services, our specialists have prepared for you tips on what signs you need to pay attention to, which may help you to recognize the coming trouble.

Problems inside company

Nothing personal. Probably you will just fall under the forced work reduction. In this case your task is to define in time that company faces troubles, and start thinking over backup plans. Full change of the managers, rumors in the collective, decline in sales or production, the closure of branch offices – all this is signs that company survives difficult times. Notice changes and news about dismissal will not be surprise for you.

Threats and fault-finding

Strict and harsh employers are not afraid to threaten their employees. If it really was your fault, then it would be great to draw conclusions from your actions and try to fix the situation, stepping over your pride. If you feel that it is the matter of personal animosity, and it repeats regularly, then threats may turn into actions.

If previously there were no complaints to you, but now your employer is constantly finding fault and watching your every step, there is a possibility that he just looks for a reason to fire you. If you have good relationships with your employer, it would be better to discuss this situation, before making decision to write a letter of resignation.

Increased control may also be a warning sign. Your manager started to constantly demand from your staff reports and explanatory letters, different kinds of reports, however previously he never demanded it, and any lateness is now equal to the mortal sin. Maybe this is just a testing to figure out whether they should keep you in the company. In this case work hard and even more, and the threat of dismissal will just disappear.


They no longer ask your advice, do not listen to your opinion at the meetings, they do not tell you directly important information, you get tasks only in a written form and they can not be discussed, although you are competent in your work. You may also notice that the load of your work is constantly decreasing, they give you less and less tasks. There is something wrong. Try to define the reason of such a change in attitude to you. Discuss it with your manager or colleagues, start from afar. It is better to make the situation clear, than to learn at a wrong time that they do not need your services any longer.

The most important thing in such cases is not to sit in your hands and wait how it ends. Make conclusions of your situations and try to solve problems. It is better to find a new work in advance, if there is no other way out. We hope that this bad work habits post will be useful for you. Take into consideration our tips and you will spend many happy years at your work.