Caution: Modesty At Work


Modesty At WorkThere is a fine line between modesty for the benefit and modesty to the detriment. Our resume writer service tries to figure out in what cases an excess shyness makes harm. There is a big difference between being arrogant toward others and being aware of your worth without being afraid to tell it to others. Why should not you be shy at the work? Our professional resume service gives 7 reasons in this post on modesty at work.

1. Define your personal borders of modesty

Admit it, every person has his own understanding of what modesty is, and this understanding is usually defined by the level of upbringing. For one person being shy means keep silence all the time and being unreasonably punished, for another it means to break the opponent’s arm during discussion instead of both legs. You have to define our own bound of the admissible, because in fact modesty is a virtue, however in modern labour market there is no place for such timidity and shyness.

2. Modesty does not allow to feel the taste of success

Each victory is a joy, a feeling of happiness. When you are praised for well done work, you feel a surge of strength, release of happy hormones and ability to keep on folding mountains. So would you refuse to receive congratulations if you really deserve it? Probably not. So do not let your false modesty spoil the moment of victory, because these are the moments that you will remember all your life.

3. No one will know what you are worth

Indulging our modesty very often we sit and just wait that all our actions will speak for ourselves. We suppose that if we are focused and work hard, there is nothing we should worry about, our actions someone will notice and appreciate. However, if you are too much shy, then your employer may never know how much good you do for the company.

4. You yourself will never know what you are worth

Do not let your modesty plunge yourself into the abyss of comfort zone contentment. Do not be afraid to really express the skills and qualities that make you unique.

5. People make use of modest people

If people get known that you are a modest person, you should be ready that they will start using you again and again and more often each time. The accumulated resentment will turn into depression, nervous stress, and chronic constipation. Do you really need it?

6. You will never be accepted as a leader

Each leader at least once had to make tough and unpopular decisions, taking the complete responsibility for the consequences of these actions. With an excess shyness you will never be able to manage people's lives.

7. Modesty influences the ability to earn money

Negotiations are a set of skills, where there is no room for restraint. It may be business meetings as well as a banal interview. If everything will be taken for granted, there is a slight chance that you will get what you deserve.

Our pro resume writing service by no means does not diminish the importance of modesty, depending on the context it can be very powerful tool. Think of it as the Chinese philosophy of Yin Yang: add some timidity in your arrogance, and dilute your modesty with some arrogance.

4 ways to prove that you are a valuable employee

Unfortunately, talent and hard work are not always enough to build a successful career. People who surround you should notice your skills and achievements. An expectation that sooner or later you will be appreciated can last very long time. And a chance that it will happen without any action from your side is extremely small. Whatever sad it is, but to get promotion or an increase in pay, you should be noticed. The professional resume writers of our website have prepared for you 4 ways how to do it.


Do not be afraid to take new tasks, take the initiative. If at work there is a question who can take a new task, you should analyze whether its fulfillment will allow to present and demonstrate your qualities and skills, whether you can gain new useful experience. Do not forget that you should work not only for the public, but also for your personal professional development.

Do not keep silence

Extraverts dominate in a corporate world. Often they formulate their thoughts more clearly, they do not feel ashamed to make and comment on the ideas. Of course, such employees stand out among other workers, and as a result their works are appreciated more. If you are an introvert, there is nothing terrible in it, but you will have to do more work. For example, before the meeting review the agenda, delve into the questions, make a list of possible solutions is the form of theses. During the discussion, these notes will definitely be useful for you. If you keep silence all the time, others will think that you do not have new ideas or you just do not care about what is going on. Do not let other people think about you in such a way.

Demonstrate competence

To demonstrate your professionalism, you need to be well informed. Talk more with the colleagues about the current projects, follow the situation on the market in your field, and gather information on the Internet. This information should serve you as a source of new ideas. In our time only those employees get promotion or an increase in pay, who are able to think strategically and know how to use information they have.

Inform about your success

When you get appreciation from partners or customers, positive indicators of your project grow up, or you have any other success, do not be ashamed of talking about it to your employer. You can do it in written form, in the form of e-mail, or orally. Keep in mind that it is pleasant for your employer to hear about the success of his company, because he treats any victory of the organization and the employees as his personal success and his personal achievements. And what is important, you will also be noticed and appreciated.