9 Dangerous Habits That Program On Poverty


There are several common reasons why some people will never become rich. The main among them is not the absence of inheritance, but habits that program on poverty only.

According to the research of Thomas Corley and other scientists beliefs and habits that rich and poor people have are absolutely opposite. Our resume writer professional service publishes for you those habits that influence the state of your brain and program on poverty. So we advise you to get rid of them if possible.

1. Doing the work we do not like

“Job should be stable. It may be low paid, or it may bring no pleasure at all. The most important is that it should be stable”. If you have such thoughts, then you will never be rich. It is necessary to do not what someone needs, but what brings the most pleasure to you. Only in this way you can achieve the greatest results. Also do not forget that if you want to get the desired job, you definitely should have competently written resume. You may hire resume writer on our resume writing service, who will help you to create your personal winning resume.

2. The fear of changes

People who have poverty psychology will never start their own business, they will not start learning new market segments, they will not start getting the second higher education when they are 40 years old, and definitely they will never move to other city looking for better life when they are 50 years old. The wealth and good prospects come to people who are active, who are not afraid to risk and start all over again.

3. Low self-esteem

How can one have high self-esteem if he lives the life he is not interested in? He has uninteresting work, which he is afraid to lose, lack of bright impressions in his life, change of places and reasonable risks. He lacks those factors that make respect yourself for the works and possibilities.

4. Self-pity

Poverty habits begin with the constant self-pity and mourning your unfortunate fate: you have not that shape you want, you have wrong income, wrong education, wrong apartment and wrong weather. You can feel sorry for such a poor thing to infinity. However, there must be something that you should do on your own.

5. Building relationships with people is waste of time

88% of rich people think differently. They believe that relationships are crucial to the financial success, that is why they always pay attention to keeping and developing of their own network of valuable contacts, they do not forget to congratulate their fellows, colleagues and partners on holidays and important events in their lives.

6. Preference to watch TV rather than read books

At least 30 minutes a day for reading and maximum 30 minutes for watching TV programs and reality shows, and also instilling these habits to children are the settings of more than 80% of wealthy men and less than 25% of poor people.

7. Hiding in the comfort zone

If a person is passive, then he is poor. If you try to make a step out of your comfort zone every day, this zone will widen. If you do not try to do this, your comfort zone shrink and our life shrink as well.

8. Spend more than earn

You do not understand what is the difference between one credit from another, do not you? Do not you manage to save for a rainy day, because each day is “rainy”? Poverty thinking makes you live by one day and does not allow you to have financial base for the case of unexpected expenses.

9. Evaluate everything in banknotes

Sociologists claim that answering the question “What do you need to feel happy?” only poor people start enumerating material values. People who have high income say that they need love and friendship to feel happy. According to them, rich people are those, who are able to attract money, organize new kinds of business literary from nothing. A really successful person does not depend from the size of his own bad with gold.

Having got rid of the above mentioned habits, you will not necessarily become a millionaire, but you will definitely develop immunity against the “infection” of poverty. Look at yourself. Do you have at least on of the mentioned qualities? Remember that your life and your wellbeing is in your own hands. So start acting!

Why you still did not find a job

Now our service will present you three obvious reasons for unsuccessful searches, which it can be hard to believe.

“There is no work. And if there is work, this is wrong work. And if the work is right, then it is not for me. If it is for me, then it is not in the country. If it is in the country, then it is not in my country”. Most jobseekers think in such a way, who month on month they knock at doors of the most different companies searching for the right work of their dream. But some employers do not pay enough, others want too much, and rest of the employers is not worth the attention of candidates at all.

But are the things really so? Our online resume service suggests you to give a sober assessment of the situation and understand what is going on.

1. You are not looking for a job

Probably this is the main and the most obvious reason why you still have no work. You are just not looking for it. Well, of course, you posted your resume on the employment site long time ago, and you eve added there your best photo. Furthermore, during the last month you passed 6 interviews. However, nothing has changed at all.

Ask yourself, how much serious your intentions are. It is one thing when you really need a job, and absolutely other thing when you just need to look for it to please your spouse, parents or friends.

If you want to be employed as soon as possible, concentrate yourself. Select the vacancies you like. Analyze how much competent you are in the chosen field, what you can offer to a company, what your real chances are. If you want to occupy the director's chair of a large enterprise right after graduation or to become highly paid expert after specialized courses, then your search will probably last for a long time.

Think realistically. Do not be afraid to start doing unattractive work. If you improve your skills all the time, one day you will definitely reach higher position. Do not forget that even not “honorable” work is better than inaction.

2. You have too big ego

In connection with the crisis in the economy many entrepreneurs and people, who used to be successful and who used to occupy senior positions, lost their jobs. It is a well known fact that the higher you climb, the harder you fall. Keep in mind that you pride should not a reason to sit in your hands. Yes, it is hard to start over, to become someone’s subordinate, to get new painful lessons. But is you have achieved success once, everything will be repeated again for sure. The most important is not to give up.

Another issue is if you consider yourself an invaluable treasure for any company, but “naïve recruiters” do not want to notice this. In this case there is a need to reconsider your attitude and lower the bar a little bit, otherwise you risk to stay absolutely not demand in the labor market and never realize your own ambitions.

3. You search in wrong direction

It often happens that happiness is somewhere very close to you while you try to punch a kilometer wall, behind which happiness is hidden. If you have a lifetime dream of becoming a designer, but you have studied “Accounting” at the university, this is your specialization and now you are looking for a job in the audit direction, probably you should reconsider your demands. Stop searching for a while and pass design courses. Try to realize yourself in the field that you really like and that is not imposed on you by your relatives or friends.

You can endlessly berate employers, complain about the incompetence of recruiters, absence of attractive offers on the market and so on. But would not it be better to try to change the situation? Stop waiting for a miracle and just try to do something. Make a step towards your success! There are so many vacancies on the Internet. So maybe it is a high time to start doing something right now.